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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-28Zero Waste Fashion Design. 2nd editionRissanen, T; McQuillan, H
2023-06-09Zampatti PowerhouseRissanen, T
2023-06-01All that Cloth Can Carry (on a Queer Body)Rissanen, T; Filippello, R; Parkins, I
2023-01-31Thinking-with Regent Honeyeaters: on homes and futures for a critically endangered speciesRissanen, T; Sadokierski, Z; Kelly, M; Valender, J
2022-04-21Drawing The Extinction CrisisSadokierski, Z; Rissanen, T
2022-03-28Avian Climate MessengersSadokierski, Z; Rissanen, T; Ely, P; Frohlich, D
2022-01-01Transition Design and FashionOdabasi, S; von Busch, O; Moon, C; Sansone, L; Rissanen, T
2022Zero waste fashion design in fashion systemsRissanen, T; Ulasewicz, C; Hethorn, J
2022Strategies for improving labour conditions within the Australian cotton value chainPayne, A; Boersma, M; Rissanen, T; Maguire, R; O'Brien, E; Bolger, S; Coneybeer, J; Kaine, S; Josserand, E; Kallio, K; Nay, Z; Holgar, M
2021-12-29Editorial track 6.a Materiality in the Digital AgeDigranes, I; Gao, B; Nimkulrat, N; Rissanen, T; Stenersen, AL
2021-10-15Pieces of a ContinentRissanen, T
2021-10-14Free Fashion?Rissanen, T
2021-10-01Transitioning fashion design education towards post-fossil fuel worldsRissanen, T; Stauss, R; Schreiber, F
2021-08-20Conversations with Regent Honeyeaters, Part 2Sadokierski, Z; Rissanen, T
2020-04The environmental price of fast fashionNiinimäki, K; Peters, G; Dahlbo, H; Perry, P; Rissanen, T; Gwilt, A
2019-01-01Design students in sustainable systemsRissanen, T; Sansone, L
2017-03-01Towards flow: Cross-stitching poetryRissanen, T
2017-01-01Possibility in fashion design education—A manifestoRissanen, T
2011-01Sustainable Textiles: nature or nurture?O'Mahony, M; Gwilt, A; Rissanen, T
2010-01Gaining perspective on one's own practice: reflections on a model for structuring practice-led researchMcDermott, R; McLaughlin, SM; Rissanen, T; Forsyth, G