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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-22The effectiveness of moderating harmful online content.Schneider, PJ; Rizoiu, M-A
2023-01-01Predicting Relationship Labels and Individual Personality Traits From Telecommunication History in Social Networks Using Hawkes ProcessesNurek, M; Michalski, R; Lizardo, O; Rizoiu, M-A
2022-11-30Data-driven ideology detection: a case study of far-right extremistRam, R; Rizoiu, M-A
2022-11-25Interval-censored Transformer Hawkes: Detecting Information Operations using the Reaction of Social SystemsKong, Q; Calderon, P; Ram, R; Boichak, O; Rizoiu, M-A
2022-07-20Grey Zone activity: measuring the resilience of social systems to influence operationsRizoiu, M-A; Willingham, T; Kernot, D
2022Skills taught vs skills sought: using skills analytics to identify the gaps between curriculum and job marketsAhadi, A; Kitto, K; Rizoiu, M-A; Musial-Gabrys, K
2021-08-04Skill-driven recommendations for job transition pathwaysDawson, N; Williams, M-A; Rizoiu, M-A
2021-04-16Interval-censored Hawkes processesRizoiu, M-A; Soen, A; Li, S; Calderon, P; Dong, L; Menon, AK; Xie, L
2021-04Using Hawkes Processes to model imported and local malaria cases in near-elimination settings.Unwin, HJT; Routledge, I; Flaxman, S; Rizoiu, M-A; Lai, S; Cohen, J; Weiss, DJ; Mishra, S; Bhatt, S
2021-01-25Linking the Dynamics of User Stance to the Structure of Online DiscussionsLargeron, C; Mardale, A; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-06-23Traffic congestion anomaly detection and prediction using deep learningMihaita, A-S; Li, H; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-03-16Evolution of diversity and dominance of companies in online activityMcCarthy, PX; Gong, X; Eghbal, S; Falster, DS; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-01-01Graph modelling approaches for motorway traffic flow predictionMihaita, A-S; Papachatgis, Z; Rizoiu, M-A
2019-10-27Motorway Traffic Flow Prediction using Advanced Deep LearningMihaita, A-S; Li, H; He, Z; Rizoiu, M-A
2019-01-01Efficient Non-parametric Bayesian Hawkes ProcessesZhang, R; Walder, C; Rizoiu, M-A; Xie, L; Kraus, S
2019A social science-grounded approach for quantifying online social influenceRam, R; Rizoiu, M-A
2018-01-01SIR-Hawkes: Linking Epidemic Models and Hawkes Processes to Model Diffusions in Finite PopulationsRizoiu, M-A; Mishra, S; Kong, Q; Carman, M; Xie, L
2017Online Popularity Under Promotion: Viral Potential, Forecasting, and the Economics of Time.Rizoiu, M-A; Xie, L
2017A Tutorial on Hawkes Processes for Events in Social MediaRizoiu, M-A; Lee, Y; Mishra, S; Xie, L; Chang, S-F
2015CommentWatcher: An Open Source Web-based platform for analyzing discussions on web forums.Rizoiu, M-A; Guille, A; Velcin, J