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2019-12-01An international consideration of a standards-based approach to forensic genetic genealogyScudder, N; Robertson, J; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; McNevin, D
2019-07-29A law enforcement intelligence framework for use in predictive DNA phenotypingScudder, N; Robertson, J; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; McNevin, D
2019-07-01Evaluation of a telehealth psychological support intervention for people with primary brain tumour and their family members: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialOwnsworth, T; Chambers, S; Aitken, JF; Foote, M; Pinkham, MB; Gordon, LG; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Gardner, T; Jones, S; Robertson, J; Shum, D; Conlon, E
2019-04-03Policy and regulatory implications of the new frontier of forensic genomics: direct-to-consumer genetic data and genealogy recordsScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Funk, C; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
2018-05-01Forensic DNA phenotyping: Developing a model privacy impact assessmentScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
2018-03-01Massively parallel sequencing and the emergence of forensic genomics: Defining the policy and legal issues for law enforcementScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
2018-01-01How child and youth participation links to development effectiveness: Findings from a three year joint agency research projectWinterford, K; Gero, A; Robertson, J; Getigan, R; Asker, S; Pratiksha, K
2018From Crime Scene to LaboratoryRobertson, J; Roux, C; Roux, C
2017-10-01New interventions are needed to save coral reefsAnthony, K; Bay, LK; Costanza, R; Firn, J; Gunn, J; Harrison, P; Heyward, A; Lundgren, P; Mead, D; Moore, T; Mumby, PJ; Van Oppen, MJH; Robertson, J; Runge, MC; Suggett, DJ; Schaffelke, B; Wachenfeld, D; Walshe, T
2017-06A quantitative analysis of the quality and content of the health advice in popular Australian magazines.Wilson, A; Smith, D; Peel, R; Robertson, J; Kypri, K
2015-09Reduced reaction volumes and increased Taq DNA polymerase concentration improve STR profiling outcomes from a real-world low template DNA source: telogen hairs.McNevin, D; Edson, J; Robertson, J; Austin, JJ
2015-01-01The end of the (forensic science) world as we know it? The example of trace evidenceRoux, C; Talbot-Wright, B; Robertson, J; Crispino, F; Ribaux, O
2011-12-01The influence of front-loading and top-loading washing machines on the persistence, redistribution and secondary transfer of textile fibres during launderingSzewcow, R; Robertson, J; Roux, CP
2011-12-01What is the value of forensic science? An overview of the effectiveness of forensic science in the Australian criminal justice system projectJulian, RD; Kelty, SF; Roux, C; Woodman, P; Robertson, J; Davey, A; Hayes, R; Margot, P; Ross, A; Sibly, H; White, R
2011-05-01The effect of ionizing gamma radiation on natural and synthetic fibers and its implications for the forensic examination of fiber evidenceColella, M; Parkinson, A; Evans, T; Robertson, J; Roux, C
2010-09-01The significance of fibre transfer and persistence-A case studyBennett, S; Roux, CP; Robertson, J
2010-03-01Trace evidence: Here today, gone tomorrow?Robertson, J; Roux, C
2009-06-01Physical evidence in drug intelligence Part 3: Supercritical fluid extraction-high performance liquid chromatography of packaging tapesHuttunen, J; Dawson, M; Roux, C; Robertson, J
2009-01The Development and Enhancement of Forensic Expertise: Higher Education and In-Service TrainingRoux, CP; Robertson, J; Fraser, J; Williams, R
2008-06-01Physical evidence in drug intelligence, Part 2: Discrimination of packaging tapes by colourHuttunen, J; Doble, P; Dawson, M; Roux, C; Robertson, J