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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-15Voicing values: Laying foundations for ageing people to participate in designLeong, TW; Robertson, T
2016-02-24What's Special about AgingLight, A; Pedell, S; Robertson, T; Waycott, J; Bell, J; Durick, J; Leong, TW
2016-01-01On Rhetorical Tricks and Overloaded ConceptsRobertson, T
2015-12-07Positive Ageing: Elements and factors for designNassir, S; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
2015-01-01Ageing Well with CSCWLight, A; Leong, T; Robertson, T; Boulus-Rødje, N; Ellingsen, G; Bratteteig, T; Aanestad, M; Bjørn, P
2014-09-15Mutual learning as a resource for research designRobertson, T; Leong, TW; Durick, J; Koreshoff, T
2014-01-01Reciprocal habituation: A study of older people and the KinectNansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Downs, J; Brereton, M; Durick, J
2014-01-01Designing for the experiential bodyMentis, H; Isbister, K; Höök, K; Khut, GP; Mueller, F; Robertson, T
2014-01-01Invisible connections: Investigating older people's emotions and social relations around objectsVaisutis, K; Brereton, M; Robertson, T; Vetere, F; Durick, J; Nansen, B; Buys, L
2014-01-01Homemade cookbooks: A recipe for sharingDavis, H; Nansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Durick, J; Vaisutis, K
2013-09-05Emerging technologies and the contextual and contingent experiences of ageing wellRobertson, T; Durick, J; Brereton, M; Vaisutis, K; Vetere, F; Nansen, B; Howard, S
2013-03-01Moving and Making Strange: An Embodied Approach to Movement-Based Interaction DesignLoke, L; Robertson, T
2013-01-01Approaching a human-centred internet of thingsKoreshoff, TL; Leong, TW; Robertson, T
2013-01-01Dispelling ageing myths in technology designDurick, J; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Vetere, F; Nansen, B
2013-01-01Habituated interaction and social objectsNansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Brereton, M; Durick, JI
2013-01-01Internet of things: A review of literature and productsKoreshoff, TL; Robertson, T; Leong, TW
2013-01Ethics: engagement, representation and politics-in-actionRobertson, TJ; Wagner, I; Simonsen, J; Robertson, T
2013-01Participatory Design: an introductionRobertson, TJ; Simonsen, J; Simonsen, J; Robertson, T
2013-01Ageing bodies and the space they call homeDurick, JI; Loke, L; Robertson, T
2012-12-01Knowing our users: Scoping interviews in design research with ageing participantsRobertson, T; Durick, J; Brereton, M; Vetere, F; Howard, S; Nansen, B