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1-Sep-2015Drivers and effects of Karenia mikimotoi blooms in the western English ChannelBarnes, MK; Tilstone, GH; Smyth, TJ; Widdicombe, CE; Gloƫl, J; Robinson, C; Kaiser, J; Suggett, DJ
Jan-2013Breastfeeding Shame and the Birth of the MotherRobinson, C; Forbes-Mewett, NOCSH
1-Jan-2012Characterisation of electron traps in high-k dielectric stacks for Flash memory applications using fast pulse techniquesZhang, WD; Robinson, C; Zheng, XF; Zhang, JF; Tang, TA; Jiang, YL
Jan-2011Beside One's Self: Homelessness Felt and LivedRobinson, C
Jan-2010Rough living: Surviving violence and homelessnessRobinson, C
2010Rough living: surviving violence & homelessnessRobinson, C
Jan-2009Homelessness feltRobinson, C
Jan-2008'Felt homelessness': The contribution of qualitative approaches to homelessnessRobinson, C; Maginn, P; Thompson, S; Tonts, M
Jan-2006Accommodation in Crisis: Forgotten Women in Western SydneyRobinson, C; Searby, RE
Jan-2005Vulnerable to homelessness: Exclusion and cumulative traumaRobinson, C; Robinson, C
Jan-2005Grieving homeRobinson, C
2005Accommodation in Crisis: Forgotten Women in Western SydneyRobinson, C; Searby, R
Jan-2003Understanding iterative homelessness: The case of people with mental disorders. Final Report No 45Robinson, C
Jan-2002'I think home is more than a building': Young homeless people on the cusp of home, self and something elseRobinson, C
Jan-2002Sensing the other: The Catch of the Surrendering SelfRobinson, C