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2021-12-30LUMOS - Low and Intermediate Grade Glioma Umbrella Study of Molecular Guided TherapieS at relapse: Protocol for a pilot studyKong, BY; Sim, H-W; Nowak, AK; Yip, S; Barnes, EH; Day, BW; Buckland, ME; Verhaak, R; Johns, T; Robinson, C; Thomas, MA; Giardina, T; Lwin, Z; Scott, AM; Parkinson, J; Jeffree, R; de Abreu Lourenco, R; Hovey, EJ; Cher, LM; Kichendasse, G; Khasraw, M; Hall, M; Tu, E; Amanuel, B; Koh, E-S; Gan, HK
2021-02-14Regulation of Insolvency Practitioners in a PandemicRobinson, C
2020-03-23An Early Response to Regulatory Changes under the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (Cth): A Survey of Registered Liquidators and Registered TrusteesRobinson, C
2019-12-01Guest Editorial Nature-Inspired Approaches for IoT and Big DataGandomi, AH; Daneshmand, M; Jha, R; Kaur, D; Ning, H; Robinson, C; Schilling, H
2018-11-01Zeolite protects mice from iron-induced damage in a mouse model trialFan, X; McLaughlin, C; Ravasini, J; Robinson, C; George, AM
2018-09-03Regulation of insolvencyRobinson, C
2018-02-01Misshapen motherhood: Placing breastfeeding distressRobinson, C
2016-02-01PrefaceWillis, A; Robinson, C; Thien, D; Askins, K
2015-09-01Drivers and effects of Karenia mikimotoi blooms in the western English ChannelBarnes, MK; Tilstone, GH; Smyth, TJ; Widdicombe, CE; Gloël, J; Robinson, C; Kaiser, J; Suggett, DJ
2015-07-01Iron associated with exopolymeric substances is highly bioavailable to oceanic phytoplanktonHassler, CS; Norman, L; Mancuso Nichols, CA; Clementson, LA; Robinson, C; Schoemann, V; Watson, RJ; Doblin, MA
2014-11-01Performance of Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry based estimates of primary productivity in coastal watersRobinson, C; Suggett, DJ; Cherukuru, N; Ralph, PJ; Doblin, MA
2013-01Breastfeeding Shame and the Birth of the MotherRobinson, C; Forbes-Mewett, NOCSH
2012-01-01Characterisation of electron traps in high-k dielectric stacks for Flash memory applications using fast pulse techniquesZhang, WD; Robinson, C; Zheng, XF; Zhang, JF; Tang, TA; Jiang, YL
2011-01Beside One's Self: Homelessness Felt and LivedRobinson, C
2010-01Rough living: Surviving violence and homelessnessRobinson, C
2010Rough living: surviving violence & homelessnessRobinson, C
2008-11-27Chapter 4 'Felt homelessness': the contribution of qualitative approaches to homelessness researchRobinson, C
2006-01Accommodation in Crisis: Forgotten Women in Western SydneyRobinson, C; Searby, RE
2005-03-01Grieving homeRobinson, C
2005-01Vulnerable to homelessness: Exclusion and cumulative traumaRobinson, C; Robinson, C