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21-Dec-2017Nurse-led primary health care for homeless men: a multimethods descriptive study.Roche, MA; Duffield, C; Smith, J; Kelly, D; Cook, R; Bichel-Findlay, J; Saunders, C; Carter, DJ
Dec-2017Intrahospital transfers and the impact on nursing workload.Blay, N; Roche, MA; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R
Jun-2017A comparison of nursing tasks undertaken by regulated nurses and nursing support workers: a work sampling studyRoche, MA; Friedman, S; Duffield, C; Twigg, DE; Cook, R
1-Dec-2015The Rate and Cost of Nurse Turnover in AustraliaRoche, MA; Duffield, CM; Homer, CS; Buchan, J; Dimitrelis, S
23-Jun-2015The nursing practice environment 2004-2013Roche, MA; Duffield, C; Twigg, D
Jun-2015Instability in patient and nurse characteristics, unit complexity and patient and system outcomes.Duffield, CM; Roche, MA; Dimitrelis, S; Homer, C; Buchan, J
21-May-2015Leadership skills for nursing unit managers to decrease intention to leaveRoche, MA; Duffield, C; Dimitrelis, S; Frew, B
Apr-2015Therapeutic Alliance in Mental Health Nursing: an Evolutionary Concept AnalysisZugai, JS; Stein-Parbury, J; Roche, MA
Feb-2015Testing the Nursing Worklife Model in Canada and Australia: A Multi-group Comparison StudyRoche, MA; Laschinger, HKS; Duffield, C
Dec-2014A comparative review of nurse turnover rates and costs across countriesDuffield, CM; Roche, MA; Homer, CS; Buchan, J; Dimitrelis, S
May-2014The Use of Unregulated Staff: Time for Regulation?Duffield, CM; Twigg, D; Pugh, J; Evans, G; Dimitrelis, S; Roche, MA
8-Apr-2014Nursing churn and turnover in Australian hospitals: nurses perceptions and suggestions for supportive strategiesDawson, A; Stasa, H; Roche, MA; Homer, CS; Duffield, CM
Jan-2014Empowering the registered nurses of tomorrow: Student's perspectives of a simulation experience for recognising and managing a deteriorating patientKelly, MA; Forber, J; Conlon, LS; Roche, MA; Stasa, H
2014Clinical utility of an observational and response chart with human factors design characteristics and a track and trigger system: study protocol of a two-phase multi-site multiple methods designElliott, D; McKinley, SM; Perry, L; Duffield, CM; Iedema, RA; Gallagher, R; Fry, M; Roche, MA; allen, E
Dec-2013Domains of practice and Advanced Practice Nursing in AustraliaRoche, MA; Duffield, CM; Wise, S; Baldwin, RJ; Fry, M; Solman, A
Jul-2013A four month prospective descriptive exploratory study of patients receiving antibiotics in one Emergency DepartmentFry, M; Horvat, L; Roche, MA; Fong, J; Plowes, J
Mar-2013The role and functions of Clinical Nurse Consultants, an Australian advanced practice role: A descriptive exploratory cohort studyBaldwin, RJ; Duffield, CM; Fry, M; Roche, MA; Stasa, H; Solman, A
Jan-2013Development of a tool to describe the role of the clinical nurse consultant in AustraliaFry, M; Duffield, CM; Baldwin, RJ; Roche, MA; Stasa, H; Solman, A
Jan-2013Effective nursing care of adolescents with anorexia nervosa: a consumer perspectiveZugai, JS; Stein-Parbury, J; Roche, MA
Dec-2012Nursing work directions in Australia: Does evidence drive the policy?Roche, MA; Duffield, CM; Aisbett, C; Diers, D; Stasa, H