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6-Jun-2017Development of an overall design strategyRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017The design of the foodroofRoggema, R
1-Jan-2017Critical mapping for transformational citiesRoggema, R; Thomas, LE; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F
2016On the brink of why and how:sustainable urban food planning grows upRoggema, R; Roggema, R
2016Practice of Co-creative Reconstruction in Northeastern Japan for Building ResilienceYan, W; Roggema, R; Oba, A; Middleton, L; Kanamori, T
2016Research by Design: Proposition for a Methodological ApproachRoggema, R
1-Jan-2015Swarm Planning: Development of Generative Spatial Planning Tool for Resilient CitiesRoggema, R; Nikolay, P; Martens, B; Wurzer, G; Grasl, T; Lorenz, WE; Schaffranek, R
2015Governance of climate adaptation in Australia: design charrettes as a creative tool for participatory action researchRoggema, R; Martin, J; Vos, L; Van Buuren, A; Eshuis, J; Van Vliet, M
2015Three urbanisms in one city: accommodating the paces of changeRoggema, R
2015Smart by Nature: The Use of Swarm Planning in Creating Productive and Adaptive Urban LandscapesRoggema, R
1-Jan-2014Advanced use of the urban metabolism model in rapidly changing citiesRoggema, R; Alshboul, AA
1-Jan-2014The plan and the policy who is changing whom?Roggema, R
1-Jan-2014Dutch and Australian Planning Regimes: Are They Ready to Face Extreme Climate Impacts?Roggema, R
2014Incremental Change, Transition or Transformation? Optimising Change Pathways for Climate Adaptation in Spatial PlanningRoggema, R
2014Visions of Resilience: Design-led transformation for climate extremesBiggs, C; Ryan, C; Bird, J; Trudgeon, M; Roggema, R
2014Swarming landscapes, new pathways for resilient citiesRoggema, R
2014Conclusion, Discussion and RecommendationsRoggema, R
2014Quadruple the Potential, Scaling the Energy SupplyRoggema, R; Roggema, R
2014Resourcing local communities for climate adaptive designs in Victoria, AustraliaRoggema, R; Vos, L; Martin, J
2014Design charrettes in two days: Sea Lake and BendigoRoggema, R; Martin, J; Remnant, M; Alday, G; Mansfield, P; Roggema, R