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2019Redirecting the city?Reinmuth, G; Roggema, R
3-Sep-2018Design with voids: how inverted urbanism can increase urban resilienceRoggema, R
1-Aug-2017The future of sustainable urbanism: Society-based, complexity-led, and landscape-drivenRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017Food in spatial planning and designRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017Networks and chains in the provision of foodRoggema, R; Spangenberg, J
6-Jun-2017Food Roofs of Rio de Janeiro: The Pavao-Pavaozinho and Cantagalo case studyRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017Space for food in the cityRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017Development of the foodroofRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017Involvement of residentsRoggema, R; Jurberg, R
6-Jun-2017Building a foodroof in one weekRoggema, R; Maurão, M
6-Jun-2017Interview with Marcelo Assunçao, owner of the first foodroofRoggema, R; Jurberg, R
6-Jun-2017Development of an overall design strategyRoggema, R
6-Jun-2017The design of the foodroofRoggema, R
17-May-2017Conclusion, recommendations and outlookYan, W; Roggema, R
17-May-2017Planning and design in Kesennuma: Remember, reconnect, reformYan, W; Roggema, R; Middleton, L
17-May-2017The design processRoggema, R; Yan, W
17-May-2017Visualisation of minamisomaRoggema, R; Middleton, L; Yan, W
17-May-2017Visualisation of KesennumaRoggema, R; Middleton, L; Yan, W
17-May-2017Planning and design in Minamisoma: Reborn, rethink, returnRoggema, R; Middleton, L; Yan, W
1-Jan-2017Critical mapping for transformational citiesRoggema, R; Thomas, LE; Brotas, L; Roaf, S; Nicol, F