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2023-12-01Upper bounds for the clock speeds of fault-tolerant distributed quantum computation using satellites to supply entangled photon pairsLeone, H; Srikara, S; Rohde, PP; Devitt, S
2022-08-29Reducing circuit complexity in optical quantum computation using 3D architectures.Zhou, W-H; Vijayan, MK; Wang, X-W; Lu, Y-H; Gao, J; Jiao, Z-Q; Ren, R-J; Chang, Y-J; Shen, Z-S; Rohde, PP; Jin, X-M
2022-05-01Accessible and inaccessible quantum coherence in relativistic quantum systemsHarikrishnan, S; Jambulingam, S; Rohde, PP; Radhakrishnan, C
2022-01-01The Quantum Internet: A Hardware ReviewRamakrishnan, RK; Ravichandran, AB; Kaushik, I; Hegde, G; Talabattula, S; Rohde, PP
2021-09-09The Quantum InternetRohde, PP
2021-04-28Photonic quantum data lockingHuang, Z; Rohde, PP; Berry, DW; Kok, P; Dowling, JP; Lupo, C
2020-05-29Relativity of quantum states in entanglement swappingNagele, C; Ilo-Okeke, EO; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP; Byrnes, T
2019-11-01The resurgence of the linear optics quantum interferometer — recent advances & applicationsTan, SH; Rohde, PP
2018-04-05Practical somewhat-secure quantum somewhat-homomorphic encryption with coherent statesTan, SH; Ouyang, Y; Rohde, PP
2018-02-20Demonstration of topological data analysis on a quantum processorHuang, HL; Wang, XL; Rohde, PP; Luo, YH; Zhao, YW; Liu, C; Li, L; Liu, NL; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
2018-02-15Passive quantum error correction of linear optics networks through error averagingMarshman, RJ; Lund, AP; Rohde, PP; Ralph, TC
2017-08-24Multiphoton Interference in Quantum Fourier Transform Circuits and Applications to Quantum MetrologySu, ZE; Li, Y; Rohde, PP; Huang, HL; Wang, XL; Li, L; Liu, NL; Dowling, JP; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
2017-07-10Linear optical quantum metrology with single photons: Experimental errors, resource counting, and quantum Cramér-Rao boundsOlson, JP; Motes, KR; Birchall, PM; Studer, NM; Laborde, M; Moulder, T; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP
2017-03-15Measurement-Based Linear OpticsAlexander, RN; Gabay, NC; Rohde, PP; Menicucci, NC
2017-02-17Erratum: Linear Optical Quantum Metrology with Single Photons: Exploiting Spontaneously Generated Entanglement to Beat the Shot-Noise Limit [Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 170802 (2015)Motes, KR; Olson, JP; Rabeaux, EJ; Dowling, JP; Olson, SJ; Rohde, PP
2016-07-27Efficient recycling strategies for preparing large Fock states from single-photon sources: Applications to quantum metrologyMotes, KR; Mann, RL; Olson, JP; Studer, NM; Bergeron, EA; Gilchrist, A; Dowling, JP; Berry, DW; Rohde, PP
2016-01-27Quantum random walks on congested lattices and the effect of dephasingMotes, KR; Gilchrist, A; Rohde, PP
2015-11-17Implementing BosonSampling with time-bin encoding: Analysis of loss, mode mismatch, and time jitterMotes, KR; Dowling, JP; Gilchrist, A; Rohde, PP
2015-11-11Multiplexed single-photon-state preparation using a fiber-loop architectureRohde, PP; Helt, LG; Steel, MJ; Gilchrist, A
2015-08-14The on-ramp to the all-optical quantum information processing highwayRohde, PP; Dowling, JP