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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2018Demonstration of topological data analysis on a quantum processorHuang, HL; Wang, XL; Rohde, PP; Luo, YH; Zhao, YW; Liu, C; Li, L; Liu, NL; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
24-Aug-2017Multiphoton Interference in Quantum Fourier Transform Circuits and Applications to Quantum MetrologySu, ZE; Li, Y; Rohde, PP; Huang, HL; Wang, XL; Li, L; Liu, NL; Dowling, JP; Lu, CY; Pan, JW
10-Jul-2017Linear optical quantum metrology with single photons: Experimental errors, resource counting, and quantum Cramér-Rao boundsOlson, JP; Motes, KR; Birchall, PM; Studer, NM; Laborde, M; Moulder, T; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP
15-Mar-2017Measurement-Based Linear OpticsAlexander, RN; Gabay, NC; Rohde, PP; Menicucci, NC
17-Feb-2017Linear Optical Quantum Metrology with Single Photons: Exploiting Spontaneously Generated Entanglement to Beat the Shot-Noise Limit (vol 114, 170802, 2015)Motes, KR; Olson, JP; Rabeaux, EJ; Dowling, JP; Olson, SJ; Rohde, PP
27-Jan-2016Quantum random walks on congested lattices and the effect of dephasingMotes, KR; Gilchrist, A; Rohde, PP
30-Jan-2015Evidence for the conjecture that sampling generalized cat states with linear optics is hardRohde, PP; Motes, KR; Knott, PA; Fitzsimons, J; Munro, WJ; Dowling, JP
1-Jan-2015An introduction to Boson-samplingGard, BT; Motes, KR; Olson, JP; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP
18-Sep-2014Scalable boson sampling with time-bin encoding using a loop-based architectureMotes, KR; Gilchrist, A; Dowling, JP; Rohde, PP
25-Apr-2014Quantum walks with tuneable self-avoidance in one dimensionCamilleri, E; Rohde, PP; Twamley, J
1-Jan-2014Simulations of two-particle interactions with 2D quantum walks in timeSchreiber, A; Gábris, A; Rohde, PP; Laiho, K; Štefaňak, M; Potoček, V; Hamilton, C; Jex, I; Silberhorn, C
10-Dec-2013Spontaneous parametric down-conversion photon sources are scalable in the asymptotic limit for boson samplingMotes, KR; Dowling, JP; Rohde, PP
9-Aug-2013Information capacity of a single photonRohde, PP; Fitzsimons, JF; Gilchrist, A
1-Jul-2013Increasing the dimensionality of quantum walks using multiple walkersRohde, PP; Schreiber, A; Štefaňák, M; Jex, I; Gilchrist, A; Christine Silberhorn
2-May-2013Quantum walks with memory provided by recycled coins and a memory of the coin-flip historyRohde, PP; Brennen, GK; Gilchrist, A
6-Dec-2012Quantum simulations with a two-dimensional quantum walkSchreiber, A; Gábris, A; Rohde, PP; Laiho, K; Stefanak, M; Potoček, V; Hamilton, C; Jex, I; Silberhorn, C
19-Nov-2012Optical quantum computing with photons of arbitrarily low fidelity and purityRohde, PP
9-Oct-2012Quantum walks with encrypted dataRohde, PP; Fitzsimons, JF; Gilchrist, A
10-May-2012Entanglement dynamics and quasi-periodicity in discrete quantum walksRohde, PP; Fedrizzi, A; Ralph, TC
6-Apr-2012A 2D quantum walk simulation of two-particle dynamicsSchreiber, A; Gábris, A; Rohde, PP; Laiho, K; Štefaňák, M; Potoček, V; Hamilton, C; Jex, I; Silberhorn, C