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1-Jan-2018The potential and paradox of informal learning in the workplaceBoud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Messmann, G; Segers, M; Dochy, F
2016Making space for consuming practicesRooney, D; Manidis, M; Scheeres, H
1-Jan-2016Making spaces for consuming practicesRooney, DL; Manidis, M; Scheeres, H
4-Aug-2015The Role of Simulation in Pedagogies of Higher Education for the Health Professions: Through a Practice-Based LensRooney, DL; Hopwood, N; Boud, D; Kelly, M
18-Feb-2015Reimagining site-walks: sites for rich learningRooney, DL; Reich, AJ; Boud, DJ; Willey, K; Gardner, AP; Fitzgerald, T
2015What can higher education learn from the workplace?Boud, D; Rooney, DL; Dailey-Herbert, A; Dennis, K
2015What can higher education learn from the workplace?Boud, D; Rooney, DL; Dailey-Herbert, A; Dennis, K
2015Engineers' professional learning: through the lens of practiceRooney, DL; Willey, K; Gardner, AP; Boud, DJ; Reich, AJ; Fitzgerald, T; Williams, B; Figeiredo, J; Trevelyan, J
2015Engineers' professional learning: a practice-theory perspectiveReich, A; Rooney, DL; Gardner, A; Willey, K; Boud, D; Fitzgerald, T
Jan-2012Site walks as a learning practice for professional engineersRooney, DL; Reich, AJ; Willey, K; Gardner, AP; Boud, DJ; Mann, L; Daniel, S
Jan-2012Using practice theory to investigate professional engineers' workplace learningRooney, DL; Boud, DJ; Reich, AJ; Willey, K; Fitzgerald, T; Gardner, AP; LeBlanc Richard
Jan-2011Centres 'Down Under': mapping Australia's neighbourhood centres and learningRooney, DL
Jan-2010Centres "Down Under": mapping Australia's neighbourhood centresRooney, DL; Armstrong Paul
Jan-2010The role of adult educators: more than the grin on the Cheshire Cat?Boud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Armstrong Paul
Jan-2010A community college's performance of 'organisation': Its a drag!Rooney, DL; Rhodes, CH; Boud, DJ
Jan-2010When is it OK to learn at work? The learning work of organisational practicesScheeres, HB; Solomon, N; Boud, DJ; Rooney, DL
Jan-2009Has the time come to count what counts?Rooney, DL; Armstrong Paul
Jan-2009Working out work: integrated development practices in organizationsChappell, CS; Scheeres, HB; Boud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Field, J; Gallacher, J; Ingram, R
Jan-2009Talking up learning at work: cautionary tales in co-opting everyday learningBoud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Solomon, N
Jan-2008The In-between: Exposing Everyday LearningSolomon, N; Boud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Hall; Murphy; Soler