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Nov-2017Patient Preferences for Outcomes After Kidney Transplantation: A Best-Worst Scaling Survey.Howell, M; Wong, G; Rose, J; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Howard, K
Sep-2017Values for the ICECAP-Supportive Care Measure (ICECAP-SCM) for use in economic evaluation at end of life.Huynh, E; Coast, J; Rose, J; Kinghorn, P; Flynn, T
1-Jan-2017Adoption of renewable heating systems: An empirical test of the diffusion of innovation theoryFranceschinis, C; Thiene, M; Scarpa, R; Rose, J; Moretto, M; Cavalli, R
1-Jul-2016Investigating Internet and Mail Implementation of Stated-Preference Surveys While Controlling for Differences in Sample FramesBoyle, KJ; Morrison, M; MacDonald, DH; Duncan, R; Rose, J
1-Jun-2016Exploring the spatial heterogeneity of individual preferences for ambient heating systemsFranceschinis, C; Scarpa, R; Thiene, M; Rose, J; Moretto, M; Cavalli, R
25-Jan-2016Eliciting patient preferences, priorities and trade-offs for outcomes following kidney transplantation: a pilot best-worst scaling survey.Howell, M; Wong, G; Rose, J; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Howard, K
1-Jan-2016Preferences for BRT and light railHensher, D; Mulley, C; Rose, J; Munoz, JC; Paget-Seekins, L
3-Nov-2015International Air Travel: Safety and Security in a Post-MH ClimateBeck, MJ; Rose, J; Merkert, R
9-Jul-2015Evaluating Information Systems for Collaborative WellnessRose, J; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Kang, K
1-May-2015Patient preferences for a Polypill for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.Laba, TL; Howard, K; Rose, J; Peiris, D; Redfern, J; Usherwood, T; Cass, A; Patel, A; Jan, S
1-Jan-2015PHP180 - A systematic quantitative approach to incorporating the patient perspective into health technology assessment decision making.Glase, KM; Walters, NB; Stephenson, TM; Vines, R; Millman, S; Rose, J; Fifer, S
1-Jan-2015Eliciting older people's preferences for exercise programs: a best-worst scaling choice experiment.Franco, MR; Howard, K; Sherrington, C; Ferreira, PH; Rose, J; Gomes, JL; Ferreira, ML
1-Jan-2015Transport and logistics challenges for China: Drivers of growth, and bottlenecks constraining development.Hensher, DA; Zhang, Z; Rose, J
1-Nov-2014The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: A New Measure of Attitudes Towards Public Transport Experiences.Beck, MJ; Rose, J
1-Nov-2014Dominancy in stated choice surveys and impact on scale in discrete choice models.Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, J; Chorus, C
1-Nov-2014Constrained stated choice experimental designs.Collins, AT; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, J
1-Jun-2014What factors influence people's decisions to register for an organ donation? The results of a nominal group study.Irving, MJ; Jan, S; Tong, A; Wong, G; Craig, JC; Chadban, S; Rose, J; Cass, A; Allen, R; Howard, K
1-Mar-2014Hypothetical bias in Stated Choice Experiments: Is it a problem? And if so, how do we deal with it?Fifer, S; Rose, J; Greaves, S
1-Jan-2014Do preferences for a BRT amd LRT vary across geographical jurisdictions? A comparative assessment of six Australian capital cities.Mulley, C; Hensher, DA; Rose, J
6-Dec-2013When and how to facilitate the introduction of new knowledge processes in organisationsRose, J; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Kang, K