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2022-01The issue of microplastic in the oceans: Preferences and willingness to pay to tackle the issue in AustraliaBorriello, A; Rose, JM
2021-12If one goes up, another must come down: A latent class hybrid choice modelling approach for understanding electricity mix preferences among renewables and non-renewablesBorriello, A; Burke, PF; Rose, JM
2021-12Hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments: Part I. Macro-scale analysis of literature and integrative synthesis of empirical evidence from applied economics, experimental psychology and neuroimagingHaghani, M; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM; Oppewal, H; Lancsar, E
2021-12Hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments: Part II. Conceptualisation of external validity, sources and explanations of bias and effectiveness of mitigation methodsHaghani, M; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM; Oppewal, H; Lancsar, E
2020-12Preferences for a COVID-19 vaccine in AustraliaBorriello, A; Master, D; Pellegrini, A; Rose, JM
2020-01-01Getting smarter about household energy: the who and what of demand for smart metersFettermann, DC; Borriello, A; Pellegrini, A; Cavalcante, CG; Rose, JM; Burke, PF
2019-11-01The economic value of tourism and recreation across a large protected area networkHeagney, EC; Rose, JM; Ardeshiri, A; Kovac, M
2019-10-01Managing groundwater in a mining region: an opportunity to compare best-worst and referendum dataHatton MacDonald, D; Rose, JM; Johnston, RJ; Bark, RH; Pritchard, J
2019-09-01Are Healthcare Choices Predictable? The Impact of Discrete Choice Experiment Designs and Modelsde Bekker-Grob, EW; Swait, JD; Kassahun, HT; Bliemer, MCJ; Jonker, MF; Veldwijk, J; Cong, K; Rose, JM; Donkers, B
2019-08-21Consumers’ preferences for different energy mixes in AustraliaBorriello, A; Burke, PF; Rose, JM
2019-08-01Stated preference modelling of intra-household decisions: Can you more easily approximate the preference space?Beck, MJ; Rose, JM
2019-08-01On de-bunking 'Fake News' in a post truth era: Special editorialOrtúzar, JDD; Cherchi, E; Rose, JM
2019-04-01Reducing the randomness of latent variables using the evaluative space grid: Implementation in a hybrid choice modelBorriello, A; Scagnolari, S; Rose, JM
2019-01-01Global versus localised attitudinal responses in discrete choiceBorriello, A; Rose, JM
2018-06-01Optimising recreation services from protected areas – Understanding the role of natural values, built infrastructure and contextual factorsHeagney, EC; Rose, JM; Ardeshiri, A; Kovač, M
2018-06-01User satisfaction with taxi and limousine services in the Melbourne metropolitan areaRose, JM; Hensher, DA
2018-04-01Exploring Perceived Safety, Privacy, and Distrust on Air Travel Choice in the Context of Differing Passenger Screening ProceduresBeck, MJ; Rose, JM; Merkert, R
2018-04-01How Australian consumers value intrinsic and extrinsic attributes of beef productsArdeshiri, A; Rose, JM
2018-04-01Cost-reflective pricing: empirical insights into irrigators’ preferences for water tariffsCooper, B; Crase, L; Rose, JM
2018-03-01On the robustness of efficient experimental designs towards the underlying decision rulevan Cranenburgh, S; Rose, JM; Chorus, CG