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2022-08-19Structure-Activity Relationship and Mechanistic Studies of Bisaryl Urea Anticancer Agents Indicate Mitochondrial Uncoupling by a Fatty Acid-Activated Mechanism.York, E; McNaughton, DA; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, CG; Gale, PA; Rawling, T
2021-02-03Mitochondrial uncoupler SHC517 reverses obesity in mice without affecting food intake.Chen, S-Y; Beretta, M; Alexopoulos, SJ; Shah, DP; Olzomer, EM; Hargett, SR; Childress, ES; Salamoun, JM; Aleksovska, I; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, C; Rawling, T; Quinlan, KGR; Morris, MJ; Tucker, SP; Santos, WL; Hoehn, KL
2020-08-16Expansion of the structure-activity relationship of branched chain fatty acids: effect of unsaturation and branching group size on anticancer activity.Roy, R; Roseblade, A; Rawling, T
2020Antiproliferative activities of tricyclic amides derived from β-caryophyllene via the Ritter reaction against MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cellsXu, X; Roseblade, A; Rawling, T; Ung, AT
2018-01Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment: Opportunities and Obstacles.Awasthi, R; Roseblade, A; Hansbro, PM; Rathbone, MJ; Dua, K; Bebawy, M
2017-10-01Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation of thiosulfinate derivatives for the treatment of human multidrug-resistant breast cancerRoseblade, A; Ung, A; Bebawy, M
2017-09-18Proteins regulating the intercellular transfer and function of P-glycoprotein in multidrug-resistant cancerPokharel, D; Roseblade, A; Oenarto, V; Lu, J; Bebawy, M
2017-01-01Antiproliferative activities of alkaloid-like compoundsXu, X; Rawling, T; Roseblade, A; Bishop, R; Ung, AT
2015-05-01Targeting microparticle biogenesis: A novel approach to the circumvention of cancer multidrug resistanceRoseblade, A; Luk, F; Ung, A; Bebawy, M
2013-12-17Cell-derived microparticles: New targets in the therapeutic management of diseaseRoseblade, A; Luk, F; Rawling, T; Ung, A; Grau, GER; Bebawy, M
-Aryl urea substituted fatty acids: a new class of protonophoric mitochondrial uncoupler that utilises a synthetic anion transporterRawling, T; MacDermott-Opeskin, H; Roseblade, A; Pazderka, C; Clarke, C; Bourget, K; Wu, X; Lewis, W; Noble, B; Gale, PA; O'Mara, ML; Cranfield, C; Murray, M