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2023-07-20Midwifery continuity of care for women with complex pregnancies in Australia: an integrative reviewFox, D; Scarf, V; Turkmani, S; Rossiter, C; Coddington, R; Sheehy, A; Catling, C; Cummins, A; Baird, K
2023-04Perinatal support for breastfeeding using mHealth: A mixed methods feasibility study of the My Baby Now app.Laws, RA; Cheng, H; Rossiter, C; Kuswara, K; Markides, BR; Size, D; Corcoran, P; Ong, K-L; Denney-Wilson, E
2023-03-24Primary healthcare professionals' role in monitoring infant growth: A scoping review.Rossiter, C; Cheng, H; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-12-15Bidirectional associations between parental feeding practices, infant appetitive traits and infant BMIz: a longitudinal cohort study.Burnett, AJ; Jansen, E; Appleton, J; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Russell, CG
2022-10Informing Infant Nutrition: Timing of Infant Formula Advice, Infant Formula Choice and Preparation in the First 6 Months of Life.Appleton, J; Russell, CG; Fowler, C; Jansen, E; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-04Comprehensiveness of infant formula and bottle feeding resources: A review of information from Australian healthcare organisations.Cheng, H; Rossiter, C; Size, D; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-02Start Healthy and Stay Healthy: A workplace health promotion intervention for new graduate nurses: A mixed-methods study.Brogan, E; Rossiter, C; Fethney, J; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-12-24Infant Appetitive Phenotypes: A Group-Based Multi-Trajectory AnalysisRussell, CG; Appleton, J; Burnett, AJ; Rossiter, C; Fowler, C; Denney-Wilson, E; Jansen, E
2021-10-01Healthy eating and physical activity among new graduate nurses: A qualitative study of barriers and enablers during their first year of clinical practiceBrogan, E; Rossiter, C; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-10Extending the role of nursing assistants in mental health inpatient settings: A multi-method study.Roche, MA; Glover, S; Luo, X; Joyce, M; Rossiter, C
2021-07-30Appetitive phenotype trajectories: a longitudinal cohort study of early origins and influences across infancy.Rossiter, C
2021-07-12Midwifery workplace culture in Sydney, Australia.Catling, C; Rossiter, C; Cummins, A; McIntyre, E
2021-07Addressing obesity in the first 1000 days in high risk infants: Systematic review.Rossiter, C; Cheng, H; Appleton, J; Campbell, KJ; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-03-20Maternal incarceration: Impact on parent-child relationships.Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D; Roche, MA
2021-01-19The Feeding Practices and Structure Questionnaire: development and validation of age appropriate versions for infants and toddlersJansen, E; Russell, CG; Appleton, J; Byrne, R; Daniels, LA; Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Mallan, KM
2021The impact of maternal incarceration on parent-child relationships.Rossiter, C
2020-06-02The impact of person-centred care on patient safety: An umbrella review of systematic reviews.Rossiter, C; Levett-Jones, T; Pich, J
2020-02-01Developing the Australian Midwifery Workplace Culture instrumentCatling, C; Rossiter, C; McIntyre, E
2020-01-01Reflexivity in correctional research: Researcher perspectives on parenthood in a study with incarcerated parentsRossiter, C; Power, T; Fowler, C; Elliott, K; Dawson, A
2019-12-21Mapping the trajectories for women and their babies from births planned at home, in a birth centre or in a hospital in New South Wales, Australia, between 2000 and 2012Scarf, VL; Viney, R; Yu, S; Foureur, M; Rossiter, C; Dahlen, H; Thornton, C; Cheah, SL; Homer, CSE