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2023-06-03The transfer of fibres between garments in a choreographed assault scenario.Lau, V; Spindler, X; Roux, C
2023-04-26A comparison of the natural and groomed fingermark lipid composition of different donors using GC/MS.Moraleda Merlo, AB; Roux, C; Bécue, A; Weyermann, C
2023-02-03Towards more relevance in forensic science research and development.Weyermann, C; Willis, S; Margot, P; Roux, C
2023-01-01Paper AnalysisRoux, C; Jones, K
2023-01-01Assessment of Occupational StressKelty, S; Green, N; Ribaux, O; Roux, C; Robertson, J
2022-06An application example of the likelihood ratio approach to the evaluation of organic gunshot residues using a fictional scenario and recently published data.Maitre, M; Horder, M; Kirkbride, KP; Gassner, A-L; Weyermann, C; Gupta, A; Beavis, A; Roux, C
2022-03-17Latent fingermark detection using functionalised silicon oxide nanoparticles: Investigation into novel application procedures.Lee, PLT; Kanodarwala, FK; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Spikmans, V; Roux, C; Moret, S
2022-02-07Infrequent detection of unintentional fentanyl use via urinalysis among people who regularly inject opioids in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.Lam, T; Barratt, MJ; Bartlett, M; Latimer, J; Jauncey, M; Hiley, S; Clark, N; Gerostamoulos, D; Glowacki, L; Roux, C; Morelato, M; Nielsen, S
2022-01-11The Sydney declaration - Revisiting the essence of forensic science through its fundamental principles.Roux, C; Bucht, R; Crispino, F; De Forest, P; Lennard, C; Margot, P; Miranda, MD; NicDaeid, N; Ribaux, O; Ross, A; Willis, S
2022-01-01Understanding Australian methylamphetamine drug markets through relational, temporal and spatial analyses.Popovic, A; Morelato, M; Baechler, S; De Grazia, A; Tahtouh, M; Roux, C; Beavis, A
2022-01-01Misidentifications of alphanumeric characters in serial number restorationsWaszczuk, JR; Peacock, L; Chadwick, S; Maynard, P; Raymond, J; Roux, C
2022Analysis of Stimulants in Sweat and Urine Using Disposable Pipette Extraction (DPX) and Gas Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry in the Context of Doping Control.Bordin, DM; Bishop, D; de Campos, EG; Blanes, L; Doble, P; Roux, C; De Martinis, BS
2021-12-23Production of artificial fingermarks. Part I - Synthetic secretions formulation.Steiner, R; Roux, C; Moret, S
2021-11-01LIMITED EVIDENCE VIA URINALYSIS OF UNINTENTIONAL FENTANYL USE AMONG PEOPLE WHO REGULARLY INJECT OPIOIDS IN SYDNEY AND MELBOURNELam, T; Barratt, MJ; Bartlett, M; Latimer, J; Jauncey, M; Hiley, S; Clarke, N; Gerostamoulos, D; Glowacki, L; Roux, C; Morelato, M; Nielsen, S
2021-11Shifting forensic science focus from means to purpose: A path forward for the discipline?Roux, C; Willis, S; Weyermann, C
2021-07-20Fingermark detection using upconverting nanoparticles and comparison with cyanoacrylate fuming.Kanodarwala, FK; Leśniewski, A; Olszowska-Łoś, I; Spindler, X; Pieta, IS; Lennard, C; Niedziółka-Jönsson, J; Moret, S; Roux, C
2021-04-10A different perspective on the forensic science crisisWeyermann, C; Roux, C
2021-01-01From research integrity to research relevance to advance forensic scienceRoux, C; Céline, W
2021Forensic Science Understanding by Police Managers: New Opportunities to Re-think Its Involvement in PolicingCrispino, F; Mousseau, V; Baechler, S; Delemont, O; Roux, C; Ribaux, O
2021Digital Transformations in Forensic Science and Their Impact on PolicingRibaux, O; Delemont, O; Baechler, S; Roux, C; Crispino, F