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2022-02-01HVDC grids stability improvement by direct current power system stabilizerAzizi, N; Moradi CheshmehBeigi, H; Rouzbehi, K
2021-12-01Control strategy for direct voltage and frequency stability enhancement in HVAC/HVDC gridsAzizi, N; Moradi CheshmehBeigi, H; Rouzbehi, K
2021-12-01FEM analysis of electric field distribution for polymeric insulator under different configuration of non-uniform pollutionGhiasi, Z; Faghihi, F; Shayegani-Akmal, AA; Moradi CheshmehBeigi, H; Rouzbehi, K
2021-12-01HVDC Circuit Breakers: A Comprehensive ReviewMohammadi, F; Rouzbehi, K; Hajian, M; Niayesh, K; Gharehpetian, GB; Saad, H; Hasan Ali, M; Sood, VK
2021-11-25Fault Current Protection in distribution system connected EVCH: A ReviewHesami, M; Rouzbehi, K; Moradlou, M; Mousavi, SM; Behzadpoor, S
2021-10-01Technical Constrained Power Flow Studies for IDC-PFC Integrated into the MT-HVDC GridsAbbasipour, M; Yazdi, SSH; Milimonfared, J; Rouzbehi, K
2021-06-01HVdc circuit breakers: Prospects and challengesRaza, A; Mustafa, A; Alqasemi, U; Rouzbehi, K; Muzzammel, R; Guobing, S; Abbas, G
2021-04-01Analysis of Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalents in Dynamic Harmonic DomainKarami, E; Hajipour, E; Vakilian, M; Rouzbehi, K
2021-03-02Hvdc breaker power loss reduction by bridge-type hybrid breakersHesami, M; Bakhshi, A; Mousavi, S; Rouzbehi, K; Escaño, JM
2021-01-01A Comprehensive VSG-Based Onshore FRT Control Strategy for OWFs with VSC-MT-HVDC TransmissionYazdi, SSH; Milimonfared, J; Fathi, SH; Rouzbehi, K
2021-01-01Grid-Following Voltage Source Converters: Basic Schemes and Current Control Techniques to Operate with Unbalanced Voltage ConditionsMontero-Robina, P; Rouzbehi, K; Gordillo, F; Pou, J
2020-12-01Voltage Transformer Ferroresonance: An Inhibitor DeviceHeidary, A; Rouzbehi, K; Radmanesh, H; Pou, J
2020-10-20Dc-link voltage stability-based control strategy for grid-connected hybrid ac/dc microgridZafari, A; Mehrasa, M; Rouzbehi, K; Sadabadi, MS; Bacha, S; Hably, A
2020-10-01Driver Behavior Soft-Sensor Based on Neurofuzzy Systems and Weighted Projection on Principal ComponentsEscano, JM; Ridao-Olivar, MA; Ierardi, C; Sanchez, AJ; Rouzbehi, K
2020-10-01Inductive fault current limiters: A reviewHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Mehrizi-Sani, A; Gharehpetian, GB
2020-10-01Controllable reactor based hybrid HVDC breakerHeidary, A; Bigdeli, M; Rouzbehi, K
2020-09-18Bridge-type fault current limiter and hybrid breaker for HVDC grids applicationsHeidary, A; Rouzbehi, K; Hesami, M; Bigdeli, M; Bordons, C
2020-09-01Employing Virtual Synchronous Generator with a New Control Technique for Grid Frequency StabilizationSaeedian, M; Eskandari, B; Rouzbehi, K; Taheri, S; Pouresmaeil, E
2020-08-04New Representation of Power Injection Model of IDC-PFC within NR-based MT-HVDC Grids Power Flow StudiesAbbasipour, M; Milimonfared, J; Yazdi, SSH; Gharehpetian, GB; Rouzbehi, K
2020-08-01A Multifunction High-Temperature Superconductive Power Flow Controller and Fault Current LimiterHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Moradi Cheshmehbeigi, H