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2019-10-01Speaking from the Inside: Challenging the Myths of Architectural History through the Oral Histories of Maitland GaolStein, JA; Rowden, E; Gosseye, J; Stead, N; van der Plaat, D
2019-10-01Performing Expertise: The Design of Audiovisual Links and the Construction of the Remote Expert Witness in CourtRowden, E; Wallace, A
2018-12-01Remote judging: The impact of video links on the image and the role of the judgeRowden, E; Wallace, A
2018-06-01Distributed courts and legitimacy: What do we lose when we lose the courthouse?Rowden, E
2018-06-01Design, dignity and due process: The construction of the coffs harbour courthouseRowden, E; Jones, D
2018-03-09Reading List: Public ArchitectureRowden, E; Stein, JA
2017-09-01Court-Custody Audio Visual Links: Designing for equitable justice experience in the use of court custody video conferencingLulham, R; Kashyap, K; Klippan, L; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; McKay, C; Rowden, E
2016-09-01Audio Visual Link Suites in Custodial Contexts: Basic ergonomic and technical recommendations.Lulham, R; Kashyap, K; Rowden, E; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; McKay, C
2014-09-03Architecture, Law and the SensesOrr, K; Rowden, E
2013-12-01Virtual courts and putting 'Summary' back into 'Summary Justice': Merely brief, or unjust?Rowden, E
2012-05-01"There's Something about Subi": Defending and Creating Neighbourhood Character in Perth, AustraliaDavison, G; Rowden, E
2009-12-01Gateways to justice: The use of videoconferencing technology to take evidence in australian courtsWallace, A; Rowden, E