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2021-06-03Coastal erosion risk assessment in the dynamic estuary: The Meghna estuary case of Bangladesh coastRoy, S; Pandit, S; Papia, M; Rahman, MM; Ocampo, JCOR; Razi, MA; Fraile-Jurado, P; Ahmed, N; Hoque, MA-A; Hasan, MM; Yeasmin, J; Hossain, MS
2020-04Evaluating strategies for environmental sustainability in a supply chain of an emerging economyRoy, S; Das, M; Ali, SM; Raihan, AS; Paul, SK; Kabir, G
2020-01-01New Moments Based Fuzzy Similarity Measure for Text Detection in Distorted Social Media ImagesRoy, S; Shivakumara, P; Pal, U; Lu, T; Blumenstein, M
2019-12-01Fundamental noisy multiparameter quantum boundsRoy, S
2019-11-20Tropical cyclone risk assessment using geospatial techniques for the eastern coastal region of BangladeshHoque, MAA; Pradhan, B; Ahmed, N; Roy, S
2019-11-01Assessment of coastal vulnerability to multi-hazardous events using geospatial techniques along the eastern coast of BangladeshHoque, MAA; Ahmed, N; Pradhan, B; Roy, S
2018-01-01'Who Likes What and, Why?' Insights into Modeling Users' Personality Based on Image 'Likes'Guntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Lin, W; Tsang, IW
2016-08-01Understanding deep representations learned in modeling users likesGuntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Lin, W; Tsang, IW
2015-01-01Deep representations to model user ‘Likes’Guntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Weisi, L; Tsang, IW
2006-01Quality is the key: critical issues in teaching, learning and assessment in vocational education and trainingMitchell, J; Chappell, CS; Bateman, A; Roy, S