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2024-05Subgrade soil response to rail loading: Instability mechanisms, causative factors, and preventive measuresIndraratna, B; Nguyen, TT; Atapattu, S; Ngo, T; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2024-03-01Soft Soil Improvement by Geosynthetics for Enhanced Performance of Transport InfrastructureIndraratna, B; Atapattu, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Arivalagan, J; Jing, N
2024-01-01Utilization of Granular Wastes in Transportation InfrastructureIndraratna, B; Arachchige, CMK; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Heitor, A; Qi, Y
2024-01-01Advanced Rail Geotechnology-Ballasted TrackIndraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Salim, W
2023-08-01Use of waste rubber inclusions for ballasted railway construction – A real-life case studyKulappu Arachchige, CM; Indraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Qi, Y
2023-08-01A Computational Approach to Smoothen the Abrupt Stiffness Variation along Railway TransitionsSajjad, MB; Indraratna, B; Ngo, T; Kelly, R; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-06-01Micromechanical Analysis of Internal Instability during ShearingHaq, S; Indraratna, B; Nguyen, TT; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-04-17Laboratory assessment of rubber grid-reinforced ballast under impact testingSiddiqui, AR; Indraratna, B; Ngo, T; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-03-26Experimental Study of Rubber Intermixed Ballast Stratum Subjected to Monotonic and Cyclic LoadsKulappu Arachchige, CM; Indraratna, B; Qi, Y; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01Effectiveness of Geosynthetics at Preventing Subgrade Instability under Cyclic LoadingArivalagan, J; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Indraratna, B; Warwick, A
2023-01-01Modelling of stone columns reinforces railway embankments: Coupled DEM-FDM AnalysisNgo, T; Indraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01A Comparative Study on the Performance of CFD/LBM-DEM Coupling in Predicting Soil FluidizationNguyen, TT; Indraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Haq, S
2023-01-01Interactive Role of Rolling Friction and Cohesion on the Angle of Repose through a Microscale AssessmentDoan, T; Indraratna, B; Nguyen, TT; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01Application of vertical drains and vacuum preloading for stabilising soft ground for transport infrastructureRujikiatkamjorn, C; Indraratna, B
2023-01-01Modelling of Tracks at Transition Zones: Analytical and Numerical Modelling ApproachSajjad, MB; Indraratna, B; Ngoc Ngo, T; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01Cyclic wetting and drying behaviour of coal wash treated black soilDzaklo, CK; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Indraratna, B; Kelly, R
2023-01-01Use of Synthetic Energy Absorbing Layer (SEAL) in Rail Substructure to Minimize Track DegradationIndraratna, B; Qi, Y; Ngo, T; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01Influence of microscale cohesive contacts on the macro-behaviour of soils through DEM investigationDoan, T; Indraratna, B; Nguyen, TT; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01Instrumentation and Data Interpretation in Transportation GeotechnicsIndraratna, B; Malisetty, RS; Nair, L; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2023-01-01PrefaceKhabbaz, H; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Parsa, A