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13-Apr-2018Barriers to adoption of sustainable technologies for energy-efficient building upgrade-Semi-structured interviewsDadzie, J; Runeson, G; Ding, G; Bondinuba, FK
6-Jul-2016Investigating the use of sustainable technologies in existing buildings for energy efficiencyDadzie, J; Ding, G; Runeson, G; Singhaputtangkul, N
8-Jul-2015Methodology in construction management and economics researchDe Valence, G; Runeson, G
Jan-2013International Construction: From Transnational to GlobalRuneson, G; De Valence, G; Gonzalez, V; Yiu, TW
Jan-2013Sustainable Maintenance of Office Buildings: The Current Practice in Sydney, AustraliaNguyen, D; Ding, GK; Runeson, G; Yiu, TW; Gonzalez, V
Jan-2012A conceptual approach to studying the organisational culture of construction projectsGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Dainty, A; Runeson, G
Jan-2012The impact of educational institutions on housing prices: a case study of Killara High SchoolGeyer, B; Runeson, G; Kumardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
Jan-2012An analysis of construction productivity in MalaysiaChoy, CF; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A
Jan-2011Action Research into Online PublishingRuneson, G; Best, R; Langston, C
Jan-2011The methodology of building economics researchRuneson, G; Valence, GD
Jan-2011Investigating Informality in Construction: Philosophy, Paradigm and PracticeGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Runeson, G; Dainty, A
Jan-2011Research methodologies for studying the informal aspects of construction project organisationsGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Runeson, G; Dainty, A; Wamelink, JWF; Geraedts, RP; Volker, L
Jan-2011On the State of the Building Industry after the GFC and the Euro CrisisDe Valence, G; Runeson, G
Jan-2010International Comparisons of Malaysian Construction Labour ProductivityChia, F; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A; Barrett, P; Amaratunga, D; Haigh, R; Keraminiyage, K; Pathirage, C
Jan-2010An assessment of construction labour productivity in MalaysiaChia, F; Skitmore, M; Runeson, G; Bridge, A; Barrett, P; Amaratunga, D; Haigh, R; Keraminiyage, K; Pathirage, C
Jan-2010Competitor analysis in construction biddingOo, B; Drew, DS; Runeson, G
Jan-2009Globalisation in constructionDe Valence, G; Runeson, G; Ceric, A; Radujkovic, M
Jan-2009Innovation and attitude: Mapping the profile of ICT decision-makers in architectural, engineering and construction firmsRuneson, G; Brewer, G
Jan-2008Clinical Outcomes and Subjective Valuations for Remodelled Green Health Care FacilitiesNg, KW; Prasad, D; Runeson, G; Foliente, G; Paevere, P
Jan-2008An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Green Building Performance Tool in SingaporeNg, KW; Runeson, G; Foliente, G; Paevere, P