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2023-10Preventing depression in aphasia: A cluster randomized control trial of the Aphasia Action Success Knowledge (ASK) program.Ryan, B; Kneebone, I; Rose, ML; Togher, L; Power, E; Hoffmann, T; Khan, A; Simmons-Mackie, N; Carragher, M; Worrall, L
2023-07-01Inclusion of People With Aphasia in Stroke Trials: A Systematic Search and Review.Shiggins, C; Ryan, B; Dewan, F; Bernhardt, J; O'Halloran, R; Power, E; Lindley, RI; McGurk, G; Rose, ML
2023-05Development of the "Kalmer" relaxation intervention: co-design with stroke survivors with aphasia.El-Helou, R; Ryan, B; Kneebone, I
2023-04-20Exploitation of Unauthorised Migrant Workers in Australia: Access to the Protection of Employment LawBerg, L; Farbenblum, B; Ryan, B; Zahn, R
2023-03A survey of speech pathologists' opinions about the prospective acceptability of an online implementation platform for aphasia services.Trebilcock, M; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Ryan, B
2023-01-01Aphasia outcome measurement in clinical practice: An international surveyTyler, C; Finch, E; Shrubsole, K; Ryan, B; Soroli, E; Martinez-Ferreiro, S; Wallace, SJ
2023-01-01Experiences of mood changes and preferences for management within stepped psychological care from the perspective of spouses of people with aphasiaIwasaki, N; Ryan, B; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Baker, C
2022-11Towards the Consistent Inclusion of People With Aphasia in Stroke Research Irrespective of Discipline.Shiggins, C; Ryan, B; O'Halloran, R; Power, E; Bernhardt, J; Lindley, RI; McGurk, G; Hankey, GJ; Rose, ML
2022-08Development of an online implementation intervention for aphasia clinicians to increase the intensity and comprehensiveness of their service.Trebilcock, M; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Ryan, B
2022-05-08Prognostication in post-stroke aphasia: speech pathologists' clinical insights on formulating and delivering information about recovery.Cheng, BBY; Ryan, B; Copland, DA; Wallace, SJ
2022-04-15Recognising and measuring competency in natural hazard preparation: A preparedness competency indexRyan, B; Johnston, K; Taylor, M
2021-01-01Speech language pathologists' practice with children of parents with an acquired communication disability: A preliminary studyShrubsole, K; Pitt, R; Till, K; Finch, E; Ryan, B
2021-01Stroke health professionals' management of depression after post-stroke aphasia: a qualitative study.Baker, C; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Ryan, B
2021Barriers and facilitators to implementing stepped psychological care for people with aphasia: Perspectives of stroke health professionals.Baker, C; Rose, ML; Ryan, B; Worrall, L
2020-06-08Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices of Australian Audiologists in Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Adults With Hearing Loss.Bennett, RJ; Meyer, CJ; Ryan, B; Barr, C; Laird, E; Eikelboom, RH
2020-06-01Emergency management communication: The paradox of the positive in public communication for preparednessJohnston, KA; Taylor, M; Ryan, B
2020-01-02Current practice and barriers and facilitators to outcome measurement in aphasia rehabilitation: a cross-sectional study using the theoretical domains frameworkArnold, H; Wallace, SJ; Ryan, B; Finch, E; Shrubsole, K
2020-01-02‘It was really dark’: the experiences and preferences of people with aphasia to manage mood changes and depressionBaker, C; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Ryan, B
2020-01-01The missing link in emergency management: Evaluating community engagementTaylor, M; Ryan, B; Johnston, KA
2019-12-05Time to step up: A call for the speech pathology1 profession to utilise stepped psychological care for people with aphasia post strokeRyan, B; Worrall, L; Sekhon, J; Baker, C; Carragher, M; Bohan, J; Power, E; Rose, M; Simmons-Mackie, N; Togher, L; Kneebone, I