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30-Aug-2017Non-ignorable missingness in logistic regressionWang, JJJ; Bartlett, M; Ryan, L
8-May-2017On the impact of nonresponse in logistic regression: Application to the 45 and Up studyWang, JJJ; Bartlett, M; Ryan, L
1-Aug-2016Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re-donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years: A randomized controlled trialWaller, D; Mondy, P; Brama, T; Fisher, J; King, A; Malkov, K; Wall-Smith, D; Ryan, L; Irving, DO
29-Jul-2016Individual level covariate adjusted conditional autoregressive (indiCAR) model for disease mappingHuque, MH; Anderson, C; Walton, R; Ryan, L
Oct-2014Vein Visualization Trial - 2nd Interim ReportRai, T; Ryan, L
Jun-2014Vein Visualization Trial - Interim AnalysisRai, T; Ryan, L
1-Jan-2014Variants of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease genes and lung function decline in agingPoon, AH; Houseman, EA; Ryan, L; Sparrow, D; Vokonas, PS; Litonjua, AA
1-Aug-2013Uncertainty due to low-dose extrapolation: Modified BMD methodology for epidemiological dataWhitney, M; Ryan, L
1-Jan-2013On the use of Bayesian model averaging for covariate selection in epidemiological modelingWhitney, M; Ryan, L; Walkowiak, J
1-Sep-2012Impact of influenza across 27 public emergency departments in Australia: A 5-year descriptive studyBoyle, J; Crilly, J; Keijzers, G; Wallis, M; Lind, J; Sparks, R; Ryan, L
Jan-2012When Massacre Appears: Representations of Australian Indigenous Massacre in FictionSchlunke, K; Dwyer, PG; Ryan, L
1-Mar-2011Children's exposure to violence and distress symptoms: Influence of caretakers' psychological functioningSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Bellinger, DC; Bosquet Enlow, M; Wright, RJ
1-Jan-2011Long-term ambient multipollutant exposures and mortalityHart, JE; Garshick, E; Dockery, DW; Smith, TJ; Ryan, L; Laden, F
10-Sep-2010Meta-analysis for rare eventsCai, T; Parast, L; Ryan, L
1-Sep-2010Understanding sources of variation in syndromic surveillance for early warning of natural or intentional disease outbreaksSparks, R; Carter, C; Graham, P; Muscatello, D; Churches, T; Kaldor, J; Turner, R; Zheng, W; Ryan, L
15-Jun-2010Improving cost-effectiveness of epidemiological studies via designed missingness strategiesStrauss, WJ; Ryan, L; Morara, M; Iroz-Elardo, N; Davis, M; Cupp, M; Nishioka, MG; Quackenboss, J; Galke, W; Özkaynak, H; Scheidt, P
28-Dec-2009Gauss-Seidel estimation of generalized linear mixed models with application to poisson modeling of spatially varying disease ratesGuha, S; Ryan, L; Morara, M
1-Nov-2009Spatial modeling of PM<inf>10</inf>and NO<inf>2</inf>in the continental United States, 1985-2000Hart, JE; Yanosky, JD; Puett, RC; Ryan, L; Dockery, DW; Smith, TJ; Garshick, E; Laden, F
18-Aug-2009Serum and follicular fluid organochlorine concentrations among women undergoing assisted reproduction technologies.Meeker, JD; Missmer, SA; Altshul, L; Vitonis, AF; Ryan, L; Cramer, DW; Hauser, R
23-Jul-2009Perceived neighborhood safety and incident mobility disability among elders: The hazards of povertyClark, CR; Kawachi, I; Ryan, L; Ertel, K; Fay, ME; Berkman, LF