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Mar-2018A novel case-control subsampling approach for rapid model exploration of large clustered binary data.Wright, ST; Ryan, LM; Pham, T
3-Feb-2017A Comparison of Spatio-Temporal Disease Mapping Approaches Including an Application to Ischaemic Heart Disease in New South Wales, Australia.Anderson, C; Ryan, LM
1-Dec-2016Bringing coals to NewcastleRyan, LM; Wand, MP; Malecki, AA
20-Jan-2016Spatial regression with covariate measurement error: A semiparametric approach.Huque, MH; Bondell, HD; Carroll, RJ; Ryan, LM
Jan-2013Uncertainty due to low-dose extrapolation: modified BMD methodology for epidemiological dataWhitney, M; Ryan, LM
Jan-2013On the Use of Bayesian Model Averaging for Covariate Selection in Epidemiological ModelingWhitney, M; Ryan, LM; Walkowiak, J
Jan-2012Impact Of Influenza Across 27 Public Emergency Departments In Australia: A 5-year Descriptive StudyBoyle, J; Crilly, J; Keijzers, G; Wallis, M; Lind, J; Sparks, R; Ryan, LM
Mar-2011Effects of Caffeine Consumption by Women and Men on the Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization.Choi, JH; Ryan, LM; Cramer, DW; Hornstein, MD; Missmer, SA
Feb-2011Prediction and surveillance of influenza epidemics.Boyle, JR; Sparks, RS; Keijzers, GB; Crilly, JL; Lind, JF; Ryan, LM
Jan-2011Estimating Metabolic Rate For Butadiene At Steady State Using A Bayesian Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic ModelNgo, L; Ryan, LM; Mezzetti, M; Bois, F; Smith, T
Jan-2011Children's Exposure To Violence And Distress Symptoms: Influence Of Caretakers' Psychological FunctioningSuglia, S; Ryan, LM; Bellinger, D; Enlow, M; Wright, R
Jan-2011Analysis Of Multiple-cycle Data From Couples Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization Methodologic Issues And Statistical ApproachesMissmer, S; Pearson, K; Ryan, LM; Meeker, J; Cramer, D; Hauser, R
Jan-2011Long-term Ambient Multipollutant Exposures And MortalityHart, J; Garshick, E; Dockery, D; Smith, T; Ryan, LM; Laden, F
Jan-2011Joint Modelling Of Survival And Cognitive Decline In The Australian Longitudinal Study Of AgeingGraham, P; Ryan, LM; Luszcz, M
Jan-2010Early-life Or Lifetime Sun Exposure, Sun Reaction, And The Risk Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma In An Asian PopulationChen, Y; Christiani, D; Su, H; Hsueh, Y; Smith, T; Ryan, LM; Chao, S; Lee, J; Guo, Y
Jan-2010Improving Cost-effectiveness Of Epidemiological Studies Via Designed Missingness StrategiesStrauss, W; Ryan, LM; Morara, M; Iroz-elardo, N; Davis, M; Cupp, M; Nishioka, M; Quackenboss, J; Galke, W; Ozkaynak, H; Scheidt, P
Jan-2010Meta-analysis for rare eventsCai, T; Parast, L; Ryan, LM
Jan-2010Understanding Sources Of Variation In Syndromic Surveillance For Early Warning Of Natural Or Intentional Disease OutbreaksSparks, R; Carter, C; Graham, P; Muscatello, D; Churches, T; Kaldor, J; Turner, R; Zheng, W; Ryan, LM
Jan-2009Gauss-Seidel Estimation Of Generalized Linear Mixed Models With Application To Poisson Modeling Of Spatially Varying Disease RatesGuha, S; Ryan, LM; Morara, M
Jan-2009Effects Of Retinoic Acid On Dominant Bemimelia Expression In MiceOwen, M; Ryan, LM; Holmes, L