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2022-10-15Recent advancements in bioelectronic devices to interface with the peripheral vestibular system.Abolpour Moshizi, S; Pastras, CJ; Sharma, R; Parvez Mahmud, MA; Ryan, R; Razmjou, A; Asadnia, M
2020-02-01Global city SydneyVogel, RK; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Grant, B; Meng, X; Walsh, P; Morris, A; Riedy, C
2019-11-05Livingstone Shire Council Whole of Community PlanRyan, R; Duxson, S; Tindale, A
2019-10-01Biological maturation and match running performance: A national football (soccer) federation perspectiveLovell, R; Fransen, J; Ryan, R; Massard, T; Cross, R; Eggers, T; Duffield, R
2019-01-08Performance Monitoring in New South Wales AustraliaRyan, R
2018-11-01ICDP - Evaluation of DFAT Pacific Connect program Designed to Strengthen Leadership in the Pacific (Pacific Connect) 17114Ryan, R; Selim, Y; Le Mauff, S; Teteris, CL
2018-11-01NSW DPE - Evaluation of Local Planning Panels - Design (Phase 1) 18009Selim, Y; Ryan, R
2018-11-01Inner West Council - Community Wellbeing in the Inner West 18078Lawrie, AJ; Ryan, R
2018-11-01Bayside City Council - Community engagement Framework 18077Ryan, R; Le Mauff, S
2018-10-30NSW DPE - Evaluation of Local Planning Panels - Implementation (Phase 2) 18046Ryan, R; Selim, Y; Fahey, G; Ellinson, A; Teteris, CL; Simoes dos Santos, P; Le Mauff, S
2018-10-01Headspace - Community Awareness Plan 18070Ryan, R; Woods, R
2018-10-01Port Stephens Council - Citizens Panel in Nelson Bay 18076Le Mauff, S; Ryan, R; Teteris, C; Lawrie, AJ; Newman, V
2018-09-01Australia's System of Local GovernmentRyan, R; Lawrie, A
2018-08-01Federation Council - Community Strategic Plan 18002Ryan, R; Molloy, LH
2018-08-01Local Government Association of South Australia - Rate Capping in SA 18094Drew, J; Ryan, R
2018-07-16'Submission to Inquiry into the Exploitation of General and Specialist Cleaners Working in Retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies' Centre for Business and Social Innovation UTSKaine, S; Rawling, MJ; Josserand, E; Boersma, M; Johns, K; Ryan, R
2018-05-01Evaluation of the NSW Statewide Eyesight Preschool Screening Program 16247Goodall, A; Ryan, R; Furby, B; French, A; Rose, K; Haywood, P; Cronin, P; Goodall, S; Ellinson, A; van den Nieuwenhof, A
2018-04-01Evaluation of the NSW Environmental Trust Education Grant Programs 17083Ahmed, S; Faure-Brac, AJ; Ryan, R; Fahey, G
2018-04-01Asian Productivity Association - Impact Evaluation Study 18081Ryan, R; Taylor, J; Duxson, S; Ellinson, A
2018-03-01Inner West Council - Transition Assistance Research NDIS Literature ReviewRyan, R; Miller, K; McCormick, S