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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2017The Changing Landscape for the Public Sector: The challenges of building digital bridgesBruce, S; Pham, K; Ryan, R
1-Nov-2017Right To Farm- Agricultural Land Use Survey: Stage 2 Report.Goodall, AJ; Gamage, S; Ryan, R
12-Sep-2017Inquiry into the Sustainability and Operational Challenges of Victoria’s Rural and Regional CouncilsRyan, R
1-Sep-2017Library Needs StudyJohnston, S; Ryan, R; Budhan, C
1-Jun-2017How local governments can increase the social and economic participation of people with disabilityHunting, S; Goodall, A; Pavkovic, I; Lawrie, A; Ryan, R
2017Women’s Political Empowerment: Lessons for Subnational Levels of Government: Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, and IndonesiaRyan, R; Woods, R; Ryan, R; Schoburgh, E
2017Decentralization and Subnational Governance: Theory and PraxisRyan, R; Woods, R; Ryan, R; Schoburgh, E
1-Dec-2016Subnational Finance in Australia and China: The Case for Municipal Bond BanksGrant, BJ; Woods, R; Tan, S; Schoburgh, S; Ryan, R
Nov-2016Review of Resource Sharing Arrangements Between Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard CouncilsHunting, SA; Ryan, R
Nov-2016The Intrinsic Value of Libraries as Public SpacesRyan, R; Bruce, S
Oct-2016Review of Resource Sharing Arrangements Between Kentish and Latrobe CouncilsHunting, SA; Ryan, R
19-Sep-2016Stage Management Leveraging Public Governance to Achieve the SDGs, International Institute of Administrative Sciences PanelRyan, R
Sep-2016Giving Local Governments the RebootRyan, R; Drew, J
Jul-2016The Wellbeing of International Students in the City of SydneyRyan, R; Dowler, B; Bruce, S; Gamage, S; Morris, A
Jun-2016Workforce planning guidelines for local government in TasmaniaHunting, SA; Ryan, R
29-May-2016Local governance and regional development: An introduction to the Special Edition of AJRS and strategic directions for researchGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Martin, J
29-May-2016Community expectations for the role of local government in regional Australia: Meeting the challenges of 'slow burn'Hastings, C; Wortley, L; Ryan, R; Grant, BJ
6-Apr-2016How council mergers and reforms imperil local government democracyRyan, R; Tan, SF
2016Preface to the Handbook of Research on Subnational Governance and DevelopmentRyan, R; Schoburgh, E; Ryan, R
2016Customer Research and Participatory Decision Making by UtilitiesRyan, R; Lawrie, A