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2023-10-01A novel uncertainty-aware deep learning technique with an application on skin cancer diagnosisShamsi, A; Asgharnezhad, H; Bouchani, Z; Jahanian, K; Saberi, M; Wang, X; Razzak, I; Alizadehsani, R; Mohammadi, A; Alinejad-Rokny, H
2023-03-01A multi-objective linear programming model for scheduling part families and designing a group layout in cellular manufacturing systemsMotahari, R; Alavifar, Z; Zareh Andaryan, A; Chipulu, M; Saberi, M
2023-01-27Enhancing the analysis of online product reviews to support product improvement: integrating text mining with quality function deploymentAsadabadi, MR; Saberi, M; Sadghiani, NS; Zwikael, O; Chang, E
2023-01-01Developing Supply Chain Risk Management Strategies by Using Counterfactual ExplanationOrdibazar, AH; Hussain, O; Chakrabortty, RK; Saberi, M; Irannezhad, E; Troya, J; Mirandola, R; Navarro, E; Delgado, A; Segura, S; Ortiz, G; Pautasso, C; Zirpins, C; Fernandez, P; Ruiz-Cortes, A
2023-01-01Interpreting the antecedents of a predicted output by capturing the interdependencies among the system features and their evolution over timeNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-12-16A machine learning-based depression detection on social media platforms for adolescents: A work in progress narrative reviewVahdati, F; Atif, A; Saberi, M
2022-12-15An end-to-end ranking system based on customers reviews: Integrating semantic mining and MCDM techniquesEshkevari, M; Jahangoshai Rezaee, M; Saberi, M; Hussain, OK
2022-08-17Proof by Earnestness (PoE) to determine the authenticity of subjective information in blockchains - application in supply chain risk managementBui, HT; Hussain, OK; Prior, D; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-07-01Analysing academic paper ranking algorithms using test data and benchmarks: an investigationZhang, Y; Wang, M; Saberi, M; Chang, E
2022-03-01A clustering-based approach for prioritizing health, safety and environment risks integrating fuzzy C-means and hybrid decision-making methodsValipour, M; Yousefi, S; Jahangoshai Rezaee, M; Saberi, M
2022-01-10Explainability in supply chain operational risk management: A systematic literature reviewNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-01-01A Recommender System and Risk Mitigation Strategy for Supply Chain Management Using the Counterfactual Explanation AlgorithmOrdibazar, AH; Hussain, O; Saberi, M; Hacid, H; Aldwairi, M; Bouadjenek, MR; Petrocchi, M; Faci, N; Outay, F; Beheshti, A; Thamsen, L; Dong, H
2022-01-01A reinforcement learning-based framework for disruption risk identification in supply chainsAboutorab, H; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Hussain, FK
2022-01-01Can i trust you? incorporating supplier trustworthiness into supplier selection criteriaPrior, DD; Saberi, M; Janjua, NK; Jie, F
2022-01-01Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning for 3D Point Cloud ObjectsChowdhury, T; Cheraghian, A; Ramasinghe, S; Ahmadi, S; Saberi, M; Rahman, S
2022-01-01S-index: Significance of Academic Authors to Individual Publication VenuesZhang, Y; Wang, M; Zipperle, M; Abbasi, A; Saberi, M
2022-01-01A Hybrid Semi-Supervised Approach for Estimating the Efficient and Optimal Level of Hospitals OutputsJozmaleki, M; Jahangoshai Rezaee, M; Saberi, M
2022-01-01Human-in-the-Loop Optimization for Artificial Intelligence AlgorithmsFarhood, H; Saberi, M; Najafi, M; Hacid, H; Aldwairi, M; Bouadjenek, MR; Petrocchi, M; Faci, N; Outay, F; Beheshti, A; Thamsen, L; Dong, H
2022-01-01The bi-objective orienteering problem with hotel selection: an integrated text mining optimisation approachAtaei, M; Divsalar, A; Saberi, M
2021-06-01Joint optimization of maintenance and inventory policies for multi-unit systemsMotahari, R; Saeidi Sough, Y; Aboutorab, H; Saberi, M