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2022-03-01A clustering-based approach for prioritizing health, safety and environment risks integrating fuzzy C-means and hybrid decision-making methodsValipour, M; Yousefi, S; Jahangoshai Rezaee, M; Saberi, M
2021-06-01Joint optimization of maintenance and inventory policies for multi-unit systemsMotahari, R; Saeidi Sough, Y; Aboutorab, H; Saberi, M
2021-03-15A survey on the suitability of risk identification techniques in the current networked environmentAboutorab, H; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
2021-02-15GBK-means clustering algorithm: An improvement to the K-means algorithm based on the bargaining gameJahangoshai Rezaee, M; Eshkevari, M; Saberi, M; Hussain, O
2021-01-29Sustainable Supplier Selection in Construction Industry through Hybrid Fuzzy-Based ApproachesHoseini, SA; Fallahpour, A; Wong, KY; Mahdiyar, A; Saberi, M; Durdyev, S
2021-01-01Efficient Crisis Management by Selection and Analysis of Relief Centers in Disaster Integrating GIS and Multicriteria Decision Methods: A Case Study of TehranAhmadi Choukolaei, H; Jahangoshai Rezaee, M; Ghasemi, P; Saberi, M
2021-01-01Conceptual Framework for Measuring Project Benefits Using Belief—Plausibility and Type 1 Fuzzy Inference SystemGhildyal, A; Ru, D; Chang, E; Joiner, K; Saberi, M; Despande, A
2020-12-01Knowledge fusion through academic articles: a survey of definitions, techniques, applications and challengesZhang, Y; Wang, M; Saberi, M; Chang, E
2020-11-04An integrated approach to system dynamics and data envelopment analysis for determining efficient policies and forecasting travel demand in an urban transport systemNorouzian-Maleki, P; Izadbakhsh, H; Saberi, M; Hussain, O; Rezaee, MJ; Tehrani, NG
2020-11-01Ambiguous requirements: A semi-automated approach to identify and clarify ambiguity in large-scale projectsAsadabadi, MR; Saberi, M; Zwikael, O; Chang, E
2020-09-01Social network structure-based framework for innovation evaluation and propagation for new product developmentAkbari, F; Saberi, M; Hussain, OK
2020-03-15Hidden fuzzy information: Requirement specification and measurement of project provider performance using the best worst methodAsadabadi, MR; Chang, E; Zwikael, O; Saberi, M; Sharpe, K
2020-01-01Assessing the authenticity of subjective information in the blockchain: a survey and open issuesBui, HT; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Hussain, F
2020-01-01Towards expert preference on academic article recommendation using bibliometric networksZhang, Y; Wang, M; Saberi, M; Chang, E
2020-01-01A Customer-Oriented Assortment Selection in the Big Data EnvironmentSaberi, M; Saberi, Z; Aasadabadi, MR; Hussain, OK; Chang, E; Chao, KM; Jiang, L; Hussain, OK; Ma, SP; Fei, X
2019-11-28Risk analysis of health, safety and environment in chemical industry integrating linguistic FMEA, fuzzy inference system and fuzzy DEAJahangoshai Rezaee, M; Yousefi, S; Eshkevari, M; Valipour, M; Saberi, M
2019-11-01Stackelberg model based game theory approach for assortment and selling price planning for small scale online retailersSaberi, Z; Saberi, M; Hussain, O; Chang, E
2019-09-01Reliability estimation using an integrated support vector regression – variable neighborhood search modelYazdani, M; Babagolzadeh, M; Kazemitash, N; Saberi, M
2019-06-01Proactive management of SLA violations by capturing relevant external events in a Cloud of Things environmentNawaz, F; Hussain, O; Hussain, FK; Janjua, NK; Saberi, M; Chang, E
2019-05-01Decision support system for risk assessment using fuzzy inference in supply chain big dataSalamai, A; Hussain, O; Saberi, M