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2022-01-01Free convection flow and heat transfer within attics in cold climateCui, H; Wang, W; Xu, F; Saha, S; Liu, Q
2021-10-01Comparison between deep learning and tree‐based machine learning approaches for landslide susceptibility mappingSaha, S; Roy, J; Hembram, TK; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2021-10-01Conjugate natural convection in a vertically divided square enclosure by a corrugated solid partition into air and water regionsPriam, SS; Ikram, MM; Saha, S; Saha, SC
2021-10-01Hybrid ensemble machine learning approaches for landslide susceptibility mapping using different sampling ratios at East Sikkim Himalayan, IndiaSaha, S; Roy, J; Pradhan, B; Hembram, TK
2021-04-01Designing blockchain-based access control protocol in iot-enabled smart-grid systemBera, B; Saha, S; Das, AK; Vasilakos, AV
2021-02-01Self adaptive cuckoo search: Analysis and experimentationSalgotra, R; Singh, U; Saha, S; Gandomi, AH
2021-01-01Integrating multilayer perceptron neural nets with hybrid ensemble classifiers for deforestation probability assessment in Eastern IndiaSaha, S; Paul, GC; Pradhan, B; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Spatial assessment of drought vulnerability using fuzzy-analytical hierarchical process: a case study at the Indian state of OdishaSaha, S; Kundu, B; Paul, GC; Mukherjee, K; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Robustness analysis of machine learning classifiers in predicting spatial gully erosion susceptibility with altered training samples“This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in [Geomatics Natural Hazards and Risk, 2021, 12, (1), pp. 794-828], available online:]”; Hembram, TK; Saha, S; Pradhan, B; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2020-08-12Conjugate natural convection in a corrugated solid partitioned differentially heated square cavitySaha, S; Barua, S; Kushwaha, B; Subedi, S; Hasan, MN; Saha, SC
2020-08-01Flash flood susceptibility modelling using functional tree and hybrid ensemble techniquesArabameri, A; Saha, S; Chen, W; Roy, J; Pradhan, B; Bui, DT
2020-07-01Impact of COVID-19 induced lockdown on environmental quality in four Indian megacities Using Landsat 8 OLI and TIRS-derived data and Mamdani fuzzy logic modelling approachGhosh, S; Das, A; Hembram, TK; Saha, S; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2020-07-01Improving Cuckoo Search: Incorporating Changes for CEC 2017 and CEC 2020 Benchmark ProblemsSalgotra, R; Singh, U; Saha, S; Gandomi, AH
2020-07A novel ensemble computational intelligence approach for the spatial prediction of land subsidence susceptibility.Arabameri, A; Saha, S; Roy, J; Tiefenbacher, JP; Cerda, A; Biggs, T; Pradhan, B; Thi Ngo, PT; Collins, AL
2020-06-06Effect of Magnetic Field on Double Diffusive Natural Convection Inside a Square Cavity with Isothermal Hollow InsertMojumder, S; Saha, S; Saha, S; Rahman, R; Saha, SC
2020-06-01Novel ensemble approaches of machine learning techniques in modeling the gully erosion susceptibilityArabameri, A; Nalivan, OA; Saha, S; Roy, J; Pradhan, B; Tiefenbacher, JP; Ngo, PTT
2020-06-01Evaluating the performance of individual and novel ensemble of machine learning and statistical models for landslide susceptibility assessment at Rudraprayag district of Garhwal HimalayaSaha, S; Saha, A; Hembram, TK; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2020-05-01Modelling of red blood cell morphological and deformability changes during in-vitro storageGeekiyanage, N; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Gu, YT
2019-06-10Modelling the deformation behavior of stomatocyte, discocyte and echinocyte red blood cell morphologies during optical tweezers stretchingGeekiyanage, N; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Gu, Y; Nithiarasu, P; Ohta, M; Oshima, M
2019-04-01A coarse-grained red blood cell membrane model to study stomatocyte-discocyteechinocyte morphologiesGeekiyanage, NM; Balanant, MA; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Lim, CT; Gu, YT