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2024-01A numerical study on sedimentation effect of dust, smoke and traffic particle deposition in a realistic human lungRahman, M; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2024-01Hydrogen production by electrolysis: A sustainable pathwayChakrabarty, P; Alam, KCA; Paul, SK; Saha, SC
2023-10-01Decarbonizing the Atmosphere Using Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration: Challenges, Opportunities, and Policy Implications in IndiaGupta, A; Paul, AR; Saha, SC
2023-07-01Entropy Production Analysis in an Octagonal Cavity with an Inner Cold Cylinder: A Thermodynamic AspectSaboj, JH; Nag, P; Saha, G; Saha, SC
2023-07-01Numerical Study of Natural Convection Flow in Rectangular Cavity with Viscous Dissipation and Internal Heat Generation for Different Aspect RatiosBegum, Z; Saleem, M; Islam, SU; Saha, SC
2023-07-01A review of phase change materials in multi-designed tubes and buildings: Testing methods, applications, and heat transfer enhancementSaha, SC; Ahmed, SF; Ahmed, B; Mehnaz, T; Musharrat, A
2023-07-01Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Spray Cooling in AustraliaLarpruenrudee, P; Do, DK; Bennett, NS; Saha, SC; Ghalambaz, M; Islam, MS
2023-07-01A Computational Study of Chaotic Flow and Heat Transfer within a Trapezoidal CavityRahaman, MM; Bhowmick, S; Mondal, RN; Saha, SC
2023-06-01Vapor Compression Cycle: A State-of-the-Art Review on Cycle Improvements, Water and Other Natural RefrigerantsAlsouda, F; Bennett, NS; Saha, SC; Salehi, F; Islam, MS
2023-06-01Thermal Analysis of Magneto-Natural Convection Flows within a Partially Thermally Active Rectangular EnclosureSaha, SC; Islam, SU; Zia, Z; Saleem, M; Ahmad, S
2023-06-01MHD Mixed Convection of Non-Newtonian Bingham Nanofluid in a Wavy Enclosure with Temperature-Dependent Thermophysical Properties: A Sensitivity Analysis by Response Surface MethodologyHossain, A; Molla, MM; Kamrujjaman, M; Mohebujjaman, M; Saha, SC
2023-03-01Heat Transfer in Cavities: Configurative Systematic ReviewSaha, G; Al-Waaly, AAY; Paul, MC; Saha, SC
2023-01-01Unsteady conjugate heat transfer characteristics in hexagonal cavity equipped with a multi-blade dynamic modulatorIkram, MM; Saha, G; Saha, SC
2023-01-01Numerical Study of Mixed Convection and Heat Transfer in Arc-Shaped Cavity with Inner Heat SourcesCui, H; An, H; Wang, W; Han, Z; Hu, B; Xu, F; Liu, Q; Saha, SC
2023Chapter 12 Ultrafine particle transport to the lower airways: airway diameter reduction effectsLarpruenrudee, P; Paul, G; Saha, SC; Husain, S; Beni, HM; Lawrence, C; He, X; Gu, Y; Islam, MS
2022-11-15The concentration-dependent effect of hydrocortisone on the structure of model lung surfactant monolayer by using an in silico approach.Islam, MZ; Hossain, SI; Deplazes, E; Luo, Z; Saha, SC
2022-10-01Computational fluid dynamics and machine learning algorithms analysis of striking particle velocity magnitude, particle diameter, and impact time inside an acinar region of the human lungFrancis, I; Saha, SC
2022-10Surface tension effects on flow dynamics and alveolar mechanics in the acinar region of human lung.Francis, I; Saha, SC
2022-09-01Computational Inertial Microfluidics: Optimal Design for Particle SeparationSaha, SC; Francis, I; Nassir, T
2022-08-26Model for Pharmaceutical aerosol transport through stenosis airwayLarpruenrudee, P; Islam, MS; Paul, G; Paul, AR; Gu, YT; Saha, SC