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2023-01-01A comparative analysis of Indian sign language recognition using deep learning modelsSaini, B; Venkatesh, D; Chaudhari, N; Shelake, T; Gite, S; Pradhan, B
2022-07To "tell or not to tell"-Exploring disclosure about medicine use by people living with sleep disorders.Malhotra, V; Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Wong, K; Saini, B
2021-05-04The Perspectives of Australian Naturopaths about Providing Health Services for People with Sleep DisordersMalhotra, V; Harnett, J; Wong, K; Saini, B
2021-04-26An electronic decision support‐based complex intervention to improve management of cardiovascular risk in primary health care: a cluster randomised trial (INTEGRATE)Webster, R; Usherwood, T; Joshi, R; Saini, B; Armour, C; Critchley, S; Di Tanna, GL; Galgey, S; Hespe, CM; Jan, S; Karia, A; Kaur, B; Krass, I; Laba, T; Li, Q; Lo, S; Peiris, DP; Reid, C; Rodgers, A; Shiel, L; Strathdee, J; Zamora, N; Patel, A
2020-03-01The prevalence and characteristics of complementary medicine use by Australians living with sleep disorders – Results of a cross-sectional studyMalhotra, V; Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Wong, K; Saini, B
2020Game changer: Pharmacy students' perceptions of an educational “Party Hat” game to enhance communication and collaboration skillsLucas, C; Schindel, TJ; Saini, B; Paslawski, T
2019-04-01Evaluation of a flipped examination model implemented in a final-year undergraduate pharmacotherapeutics courseSaba, M; Metry, I; Lucas, C; Saini, B
2019-01-02Patient Perceptions of Treatment Delivery Platforms for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for InsomniaCheung, JMY; Bartlett, DJ; Armour, CL; Laba, TL; Saini, B
2018-10Patient Preferences for Managing Insomnia: A Discrete Choice Experiment.Cheung, JMY; Bartlett, DJ; Armour, CL; Saini, B; Laba, T-L
2018-01To Drug or Not to Drug: A Qualitative Study of Patients' Decision-Making Processes for Managing Insomnia.Cheung, JMY; Bartlett, DJ; Armour, CL; Laba, T-L; Saini, B
2017-06Mapping the illness trajectories of insomnia: a biographical disruption?Cheung, JMY; Saini, B; Bartlett, DJ; Laba, T-L; Mason, PH
2017-01-01Testing evidence routine practice: Using an implementation framework to embed a clinically proven asthma service in Australian community pharmacyFuller, JM; Saini, B; Bosnic-Anticevich, S; Garcia Cardenas, V; Benrimoj, SI; Armour, C
2016-09-23An integrated general practice and pharmacy-based intervention to promote the use of appropriate preventive medications among individuals at high cardiovascular disease risk: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialHayek, A; Joshi, R; Usherwood, T; Webster, R; Kaur, B; Saini, B; Armour, C; Krass, I; Laba, TL; Reid, C; Shiel, L; Hespe, C; Hersch, F; Jan, S; Lo, S; Peiris, D; Rodgers, A; Patel, A
2012-09-17Patient preferences for community pharmacy asthma services: A discrete choice experimentNaik-Panvelkar, P; Armour, C; Rose, JM; Saini, B
2012-04-01Patients' value of asthma services in Australian pharmacies: The way ahead for asthma careNaik-Panvelkar, P; Armour, C; Rose, J; Saini, B
2011-01-01Intergroup peer assessment in problem-based learning tutorials for undergraduate Pharmacy studentsKritikos, VS; Woulfe, J; Sukkar, MB; Saini, B