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2022-12-15Torsional capacity evaluation of RC beams using an improved bird swarm algorithm optimised 2D convolutional neural networkYu, Y; Liang, S; Samali, B; Nguyen, TN; Zhai, C; Li, J; Xie, X
2022-12-01Vision-based concrete crack detection using a hybrid framework considering noise effectYu, Y; Samali, B; Rashidi, M; Mohammadi, M; Nguyen, TN; Zhang, G
2022-01-01Simultaneous Identification of Bridge Structural Damage and Moving Loads Using the Explicit Form of Newmark-β Method: Numerical and Experimental StudiesPourzeynali, S; Zhu, X; Zadeh, AG; Rashidi, M; Samali, B
2022-01-01Unified design equations for web crippling failure of cold-formed ferritic stainless steel unlipped channel-sections with web holesYousefi, AM; Samali, B; Hajirasouliha, I; Yu, Y; Clifton, GC
2021-11-10Fresh, Mechanical, and Durability Properties of Self-Compacting Mortar Incorporating Alumina Nanoparticles and Rice Husk Ash.Mehdizadeh, B; Jahandari, S; Vessalas, K; Miraki, H; Rasekh, H; Samali, B
2021-10-01Shear behaviour and design of cold-formed ferritic stainless steel channels with circular web openingsYousefi, AM; Samali, B; Yu, Y
2021-09-01Quality evaluation of digital twins generated based on uav photogrammetry and tls: Bridge case studyMohammadi, M; Rashidi, M; Mousavi, V; Karami, A; Yu, Y; Samali, B
2021-06-02Comprehensive study of moving load identification on bridge structures using the explicit form of newmark-β method: Numerical and experimental studiesPourzeynali, S; Zhu, X; Zadeh, AG; Rashidi, M; Samali, B
2021-02-01Structural performance and sustainability assessment of hybrid-cold formed modular steel frameN.Usefi,; Sharafi, P; Mortazavi, M; Ronagh, H; Samali, B
2021-02-01Numerical and experimental investigations of a thermal break composite façade mullion under four-point bendingHuang, S; Samali, B; Li, J
2021-01-02Multi-image-feature-based hierarchical concrete crack identification framework using optimized svm multi-classifiers and d–s fusion algorithm for bridge structuresYu, Y; Rashidi, M; Samali, B; Yousefi, AM; Wang, W
2020-09-01A Two-Step Drive-By Bridge Damage Detection Using Dual Kalman FilterLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2020-06-01Time-varying characteristics of bridges under the passage of vehicles using synchroextracting transformLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2020-01-01Bridge Operational Modal Identification Using Sparse Blind Source SeparationLi, JT; Zhu, XQ; Samali, B; Wang, CM; Ho, JCM; Kitipornchai, S
2020-01Prefabricated hybrid steel wall panels for mid-rise construction in seismic regionsMortazavi, M; Sharafi, P; Kildashti, K; Samali, B
2020Physical and mechanical properties of polymer modified self-compacting concrete (SCC) using natural and recycled aggregatesArdalan, RB; Emamzadeh, ZN; Rasekh, H; Joshaghani, A; Samali, B
2020Bridge operational modal identification using sparse blind source separationLi, J; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Wang, CM; Ho, JCM; Kitipornchai, S
2019-07-01Drive-By Blind Modal Identification with Singular Spectrum AnalysisLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2019-04-28Indirect bridge modal parameters identification with one stationary and one moving sensors and stochastic subspace identificationLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2019-04-15Damage diagnosis in bridge structures using rotation influence line: Validation on a cable-stayed bridgeAlamdari, MM; Kildashti, K; Samali, B; Goudarzi, HV