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1-Aug-2018Bridge Abutment Movement and Approach Settlement - A Case Study and Scenario AnalysisRashidi, M; Zhang, C; Ghodrat, M; Kempton, S; Samali, B; Akbarnezhad, A; Zhu, L
15-Feb-2018A revisit of common normal method for discrete modelling of non-spherical particlesKildashti, K; Dong, K; Samali, B
1-Jan-2018Thermodynamic analysis of metals recycling out of waste printed circuit board through secondary copper smeltingGhodrat, M; Rhamdhani, MA; Khaliq, A; Brooks, G; Samali, B
1-Dec-2017A thermodynamic-based life cycle assessment of precious metal recycling out of waste printed circuit board through secondary copper smeltingGhodrat, M; Rhamdhani, MA; Brooks, G; Rashidi, M; Samali, B
1-Oct-2017Automated spatial design of multi-story modular buildings using a unified matrix methodSharafi, P; Samali, B; Ronagh, H; Ghodrat, M
30-Aug-2017Detection and monitoring of flexural cracks in reinforced concrete beams using mounted smart aggregate transducersTaghavipour, S; Kharkovsky, S; Kang, WH; Samali, B; Mirza, O
1-Aug-2017Structural condition assessment using entropy-based time series analysisMakki Alamdari, M; Samali, B; Li, J; Lu, Y; Mustapha, S
12-May-2017Antipodal Vivaldi antenna with improved radiation characteristics for civil engineering applicationsMoosazadeh, M; Kharkovsky, S; Case, JT; Samali, B
30-Mar-2017Experimental investigation of a base isolation system incorporating MR dampers with the high-order single step control algorithmFu, W; Zhang, C; Sun, L; Askari, M; Samali, B; Chung, KL; Sharafi, P
1-Mar-2017Pull-out Strengths of GFRP-Concrete Bond Exposed to Applied Environmental ConditionsKabir, MI; Samali, B; Shrestha, R
1-Feb-2017Non-intrusive schemes for speed and axle identification in bridge-weigh-in-motion systemsKalhori, H; Makki Alamdari, M; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Mustapha, S
1-Jan-2017Dynamic analysis of Vehicle-bridge systems based on Explicit Form of Newmark-β MethodPourzeynali, S; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Rashidi, M
1-Jan-2017Long-term vibration monitoring of a cable-stayed bridge: Effects of environmental and operational conditionsZhu, XQ; Samali, B; Rashidi, M; Alamdari, MM
1-Jan-2017Railway track condition monitoring using dynamic measurements on in-service vehiclesZhu, XQ; Law, SS; Samali, B
1-Jan-2017Cost-effective multi-objective optimal positioning of magnetorheological dampers and active actuators in large nonlinear structuresAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
1-Nov-2016Semi-active control of smart building-MR damper systems using novel TSK-Inv and max-min algorithmsAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
30-Sep-2016Experimental and analytical study on dynamic performance of timber floor modules (timber beams)Rijal, R; Samali, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
1-Aug-2016Application of Kalman Filtering Methods to Online Real-Time Structural Identification: A Comparison StudyAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
1-Jul-2016Separation of longitudinal and flexural wave in a cylindrical structure based on sensor arrangement for non-destructive evaluationSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B
1-Jul-2016Performance prediction of a new integrated central cooling plant for energy efficiency and comfort enhancementVakiloroaya, V; Samali, B; Eager, D