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Jan-2014Novel Bridge-Loop Reader for Positioning With HF RFID Under Sparse Tag GridSanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2013Nonorthogonal LOD-FDTD Method for EM Scattering from Two-Dimensional StructuresRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2013Coherent Sub-Space Processing for Time Reversal Microwave ImagingHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; na
Jan-2013Beamspace Time-Reversal Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer DetectionHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Abedin, MJ
Jan-2013Coherent Time Reversal Minimum Variance Beamforming for the Localization of Tissue Malignancies in Dense Breast PhantomsHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2013Breast Cancer Detection in Highly Dense Numerical Breast Phantoms Using Time ReversalHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Guido Lombardi
Jan-2013Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer ABC for 3-D LOD-FDTD Using Fundamental SchemeRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2013Miniaturized E-Shaped PIFA Antenna for Wideband Implantable Biomedical ApplicationsGozasht, F; Hossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Guido Lombardi
Jan-2013Miniaturized Slot PIFA Antenna for Tripleband Implantable Biomedical ApplicationsGozasht, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; N/A
Jan-2013Beamspace Time Reversal Processing for Localization of Breast Cancer in 3-D PhantomsHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Parveen Wahid
Jan-2012Multiple-bridge-loop Reader Antenna For Improved Positioning And LocalisationAhmad, MY; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2012Breast Cancer Localization in Three Dimensions using Time Reversal DORT MethodHossain, MD; Sanagavarapu, AM; Hiroyuki Arai
Jan-2012Complex natural resonances of dielectric objects embedded in inhomogeneous breast modelsYang, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2012Rotationally symmetric (RS)-LOD-FDTD with CPML for analysing resonant structuresRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2012Microwave imaging for breast cancer detection using Vivaldi antenna arrayYang, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2012A Subspace-Based Compensation Method For The Mutual Coupling In Concentric Circular Ring Arrays For Near-Field Source LocalisationAbedin, MJ; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2012Segmented-Locally-One-Dimensional-FDTD Method for EM Propagation Inside Large Complex Tunnel EnvironmentsRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2011Multi-loop Bridge HF RFID Reader Antenna for Improved PositioningAhmad, MY; Sanagavarapu, AM; Lui, HS
Jan-2011Nonorthogonal locally one dimensional FDTD methodRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM; Kishk, AA
Jan-2011Time Reversal Microwave Imaging for the Localization and Classification of Early Stage Breast CancerHossain, MD; Yang, F; Abedin, MJ; Sanagavarapu, AM; N/A