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2022-10-01Optimal Scaling Quantum Linear-Systems Solver via Discrete Adiabatic TheoremCosta, PCS; An, D; Sanders, YR; Su, Y; Babbush, R; Berry, DW
2022-08-01Entanglement in quantum field theory via wavelet representationsGeorge, DJ; Sanders, YR; Bagherimehrab, M; Sanders, BC; Brennen, GK
2022-06-01Nearly Optimal Quantum Algorithm for Generating the Ground State of a Free Quantum Field TheoryBagherimehrab, M; Sanders, YR; Berry, DW; Brennen, GK; Sanders, BC
2021-11-30Resonant Coupling Parameter Estimation with Superconducting QubitsBejanin, JH; Earnest, CT; Sanders, YR; Mariantoni, M
2021-08-01Channel discord and distortionZhang, WW; Sanders, YR; Sanders, BC
2021-06-01A resource theory of quantum measurementsGuff, T; McMahon, NA; Sanders, YR; Gilchrist, A
2020-10-01Compilation of Fault-Tolerant Quantum Heuristics for Combinatorial OptimizationSanders, YR; Berry, DW; Costa, PCS; Tessler, LW; Wiebe, N; Gidney, C; Neven, H; Babbush, R
2020-06-01Randomized benchmarking for qudit Clifford gatesJafarzadeh, M; Wu, YD; Sanders, YR; Sanders, BC
2019-01-18Black-Box Quantum State Preparation without Arithmetic.Sanders, YR; Low, GH; Scherer, A; Berry, DW
2018-12-01Improved techniques for preparing eigenstates of fermionic HamiltoniansBerry, DW; Kieferová, M; Scherer, A; Sanders, YR; Low, GH; Wiebe, N; Gidney, C; Babbush, R
2018-01-01Exponentially more precise quantum simulation of fermions in the configuration interaction representationBabbush, R; Berry, DW; Sanders, YR; Kivlichan, ID; Scherer, A; Wei, AY; Love, PJ; Aspuru-Guzik, A
2016-01-01Bounding quantum gate error rate based on reported average fidelitySanders, YR; Wallman, JJ; Sanders, BC
-Assume a Quantum DatasetKieferová, M; Sanders, YR