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2022-05-10Energy justice issues in renewable energy megaprojects: implications for a socioeconomic evaluation of megaprojectsSankaran, S; Clegg, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2021-12-31Action learning for simulation design in project portfoliosSankaran, S; Shalbafan, S; Leigh, E; Pollack, J
2021-12-01Balancing leadership in projects: Role of the socio-cognitive spaceDrouin, N; Müller, R; Sankaran, S; Vaagaasar, A-L
2021-10-01From urban-scape to human-scape: Covid-19 trends that will shape future city centresCilliers, EJ; Sankaran, S; Armstrong, G; Mathur, S; Nugapitiya, M
2021-10-01The history and future of projects as a transition innovation: Towards a sustainable project management frameworkSankaran, S; Jacobsson, M; Blomquist, T
2021-10-01Systemic change towards sustainable development: Innovative and integrative approachesSankaran, S; Presier, R
2021-09Problems in the home and community-based long-term care for the elderly in China: A content analysis of news coverage.Wang, K; Ke, Y; Sankaran, S; Xia, B
2021-06-16Value Co-creation in Developing Sustainable Cyber-Physical Product Service Systems: Applying Design Science Research MethodRizvi, MA; Sankaran, S; Yip, MH; Carnemolla, P
2021-05-01An Exploratory Study of the Use of Social Media to Assess Benefits Realization in Transport Infrastructure ProjectsMathur, S; Ninan, J; Vuorinen, L; Ke, Y; Sankaran, S
2021-03-06Data Analytics to Evaluate Public Value from MegaprojectsDevkar, G; Sankaran, S; Ke, Y; Ninan, J; Mathur, S; Tsang, I; Vuorinen, L
2021-03-06A framework to manage data science initiativesMathur, S; Sankaran, S; Macaulay, S; Tsang, I
2021-02-01IntroductionPiggot-Irvine, E; Ferkins, L; Rowe, W; Sankaran, S; Piggot-Irvine, E; Ferkins, L; Rowe, W; Sankaran, S
2021-01-21Guest editorialSvejvig, P; Sankaran, S; Lindhult, E
2021-01-01Governance of organizational project management and megaprojects using the viable systems modelMuller, R; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S; Metcalf, G; Kijima, K; Deguchi, H
2021-01-01The project owner and the project manager: the M4 motorway connecting Sydney from the west to the eastFreeder, D; Sankaran, S; Clegg, S
2021-01-01Developmental progress in conducting action researchSankaran, S; Rowe, W; Cady, P; Piggot-Irvine, E; Ferkins, L; Rowe, W; Sankaran, S
2021-01-01Insights from personal perspectivesMuller, R; Marrewijk, AV; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S
2021-01-01What is done through the lens of megaproject leader's life-storiesDrouin, N; Marrewijk, AV; Sankaran, S; Muller, R
2021-01-01Megaproject leaders: Reflections on personal life storiesDrouin, N; Sankaran, S; Marrewijk, A; Muller, R
2021-01-01A biographical research approachMarrewijk, AV; Sankaran, S; Muller, R; Drouin, N; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S; Marrewijk, AV; Muller, R