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2022-11-18Wealth disparity and frailty among community-dwelling older adults in India.Saravanakumar, P; Balachandran, A; Muhammad, T; Drishti, D; Srivastava, S
2022-11-02Re-orientating health and nursing care: a qualitative study on indigenous conceptualisations of wellbeing.McBride-Henry, K; Roguski, M; Miller, C; Van Wissen, K; Saravanakumar, P
2022-10-22Holding on and letting go: Views about filial piety among adult children living in New Zealand.Montayre, J; Saravanakumar, P; Zhao, I; Holroyd, E; Adams, J; Neville, S
2022-08-01Cross-sectional associations of personal efforts and beliefs and depressive symptoms among older adults in India.Saravanakumar, P; Muhammad, T; Srivastava, S
2022-07-05Association of food insecurity with physical frailty among older adults: study based on LASI, 2017-18.Muhammad, T; Saravanakumar, P; Sharma, A; Srivastava, S; Irshad, CV
2022-05Social connectedness and self-perceived health of older adults in New Zealand.Saravanakumar, P; Garrett, NKG; Van Wissen, K; Montayre, J; McBride-Henry, K
2022-04-01Asian Drinking Cultures in New Zealand: A Scoping ReviewAdams, J; Wong, G; Zhao, IY; Saravanakumar, P; Holroyd, E; Neville, S
2022-01-20Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in COVID-19 Infected Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Pathirathna, ML; Samarasekara, BPP; Dasanayake, TS; Saravanakumar, P; Weerasekara, I
2021-11Existing models of interprofessional collaborative practice in primary healthcare: a scoping review.McNaughton, SM; Flood, B; Morgan, CJ; Saravanakumar, P
2021-10Cardiovascular disease risk prediction in older people: a qualitative study.Taylor, DA; Wallis, KA; Feki, S; Moala, SS; Latu, M; Fanueli, EF; Saravanakumar, P; Wells, S
2018-12-01Tai chi and yoga in residential aged care: Perspectives of participants: A qualitative studySaravanakumar, P; Higgins, IJ; Van Der Riet, PJ; Sibbritt, D
2018-12Losing blood and saving lives: Recognising the problems and impacts.Kampblijambi, JK; Montayre, J; Saravanakumar, P; Holroyd, E
2014-05-01The influence of tai chi and yoga on balance and falls in a residential care setting: A randomised controlled trialSaravanakumar, P; Higgins, IJ; Van Der Riet, PJ; Marquez, J; Sibbritt, D
-Examining the association between health status and subjective life expectancy among older Indian adults based on the mindsponge approachKumar, M; Srivastava, S; Muhammad, T; Saravanakumar, P