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2022-05-01Multiple Herbicide Use in Cropland: A Discrete-Continuous Model for Stated Choice DataPellegrini, A; Rose, J; Scarpa, R
2017-05-07Using finite mixture models to accomodate outliers in discrete choice modelling.Campbell, D; Scarpa, R; Rose, J; Hess, S
2017-01-01Adoption of renewable heating systems: An empirical test of the diffusion of innovation theoryFranceschinis, C; Thiene, M; Scarpa, R; Rose, J; Moretto, M; Cavalli, R
2016-06-01Exploring the spatial heterogeneity of individual preferences for ambient heating systemsFranceschinis, C; Scarpa, R; Thiene, M; Rose, J; Moretto, M; Cavalli, R
2015-11-01Experimental Design Criteria and Their Behavioural Efficiency: An Evaluation in the FieldYao, RT; Scarpa, R; Rose, JM; Turner, JA
2014-02-01Valuing biodiversity enhancement in New Zealand's planted forests: Socioeconomic and spatial determinants of willingness-to-payYao, RT; Scarpa, R; Turner, JA; Barnard, TD; Rose, JM; Palma, JHN; Harrison, DR
2013-08-12The marginal willingness-to-pay for attributes of a hypothetical HIV vaccineCameron, MP; Newman, PA; Roungprakhon, S; Scarpa, R
2013-03-01Organic label as an identifier of environmentally related quality: A consumer choice experiment on beef in ItalyZanoli, R; Scarpa, R; Napolitano, F; Piasentier, E; Naspetti, S; Bruschi, V
2013-01-01Inferred and Stated Attribute Non-attendance in Food Choice ExperimentsScarpa, R; Zanoli, R; Bruschi, V; Naspetti, S
2013-01-01Determinants of WTP for Prosecco wine A latent class regression with attitudinal responsesThiene, M; Galletto, L; Scarpa, R; Boatto, V
2013-01Country-of-origin effects on Russian wine consumersCicia, G; Cembalo, L; Giudice, D; Scarpa, R
2012-11-01Eliciting Consumer Preferences for Certified Animal-Friendly Foods: Can Elements of the Theory of Planned Behavior Improve Choice Experiment Analysis?Nocella, G; Boecker, A; Hubbard, L; Scarpa, R
2012-09-01Cost thresholds, cut-offs and sensitivities in stated choice analysis: Identification and implicationsCampbell, D; Hensher, DA; Scarpa, R
2012-08-01Exploring consumer's preferences for farmed sea breamStefani, G; Scarpa, R; Cavicchi, A
2012-02-01Collective versus voluntary payment in contingent valuation for the conservation of marine biodiversity: An exploratory study from Zakynthos, GreeceStithou, M; Scarpa, R
2012-01-19Preferences for tap water attributes within couples: An exploration of alternative mixed logit parameterizationsScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Hensher, DA
2012-01-01Ordering effects and choice set awareness in repeat-response stated preference studiesDay, B; Bateman, IJ; Carson, RT; Dupont, D; Louviere, JJ; Morimoto, S; Scarpa, R; Wang, P
2011-12-01Do respondents' perceptions of the status quo matter in non-market valuation with choice experiments? An application to New Zealand freshwater streamsMarsh, D; Mkwara, L; Scarpa, R
2011-10-01Renewable energy adoption in an ageing population: Heterogeneity in preferences for micro-generation technology adoptionWillis, K; Scarpa, R; Gilroy, R; Hamza, N
2011-09-01Organic food choices and Protection Motivation Theory: Addressing the psychological sources of heterogeneityScarpa, R; Thiene, M