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2008-01Developing a Complex Knowledge System for Architectural Design EducationGolja, T; Schaverien, LR
2007-01Towards understanding the utility of designing for Education: A research approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE
2007-01Towards Understanding Design Expertise as a Developmental Dynamic: A Learner's PerspectiveGolja, T; Schaverien, LR
2007-01What might client feedback on diverse designs, generated from a studio-based project brief, tell a learner about designing?Golja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE
2006-01Towards a mapping of the field of e-learningAlexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, TK; Golja, T; Lowe, DB; McLaughlan, RG; Schaverien, LR; Thompson, DG; Kommers, P; Richards, G
2005-01Developing research designs and methodologies for investigating learning in postgraduate e-learning contextsJackson, K; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
2005-01Theorising professional development in the academy: a conversational approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
2005-01Can we sustain primary science and technology education in school systems by casting teachers as e-designers? The DESCANT-SciTech projectSchaverien, LR; Stevens, R; McCloughan, G; Needham, K; Fleming, R; Forsyth, L; Jeffrey, P
2005-01Emergent collectivity: teachers as independent e-designers of professional development in K-6 science and technologyForsyth, L; Schaverien, LR
2004-01Making generative sense of collective learning:teachers as e-designers of professional development in K-6 science and technologyForsyth, L; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
2003-01Teacher education in the generative virtual classroom: developing learning theories through a web-delivered, technology-and-science education contextSchaverien, LR
2003-01Re-conceiving intelligence in Learning Management Systems: Tuning learning to theorySchaverien, LR; Aleven, V; Hoppe, U; Kay, J; Mizoguchi, R; Pain, H; Verdejo, F; Yacef, K
2002-01Rethinking e-learning design on generative learning principlesShepherd, J; Clendinning, J; Schaverien, LR; Clear; Gunn; Young; Williamson
2002-01Learning about e-learning: some insights into a postgraduate learning communitySchaverien, LR; al, AE
2001-01Families' engagement with young children's science and technology learning at homeSchaverien, LR; Hall, RL