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2020-12-17Protocol for The International Cohort on Lifestyle Determinants of Health Study: A Longitudinal Investigation of Complementary and Integrative Health Utilization in Postsecondary Education Students.Bradley, R; Pickworth, CK; Wexler, RS; Sadowski, A; Buttolph, L; Sarrar, H; Moehle, J; Torrens, MT; Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Schloss, J; Steel, A; Adams, J
2020-12Integrative physiology and traditional naturopathic practice: Results of an international observational studySteel, A; Goldenberg, JZ; Hawrelak, JA; Foley, H; Gerontakos, S; Harnett, JE; Schloss, J; Reid, R
2020-12The effects of N-acetyl cysteine on acute viral respiratory infections in humans: A rapid review.Schloss, J; Leach, M; Brown, D; Hannan, N; Kendall-Reed, P; Steel, A
2020-12Multivitamins for acute respiratory tract infections: a rapid review.Cramer, H; Hannan, N; Schloss, J; Leach, M; Lloyd, I; Steel, A
2020-12The effects of vitamin D on acute viral respiratory infections: A rapid review.Bradley, R; Schloss, J; Brown, D; Celis, D; Finnell, J; Hedo, R; Honcharov, V; Pantuso, T; Peña, H; Lauche, R; Steel, A
2020-11-23A randomised control trial assessing the effect of a Mediterranean diet on the symptoms of depression in young men (the "AMMEND" study): A study protocol.Bayes, J; Schloss, J; Sibbritt, D
2020-09The use of complementary medicine in palliative care in France: an observational cross-sectional study.Filbet, M; Schloss, J; Maret, J-B; Diezel, H; Palmgren, PJ; Steel, A
2020-08-01The naturopathic profession in Australia: A secondary analysis of the Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI)Steel, A; Schloss, J; Leach, M; Adams, J
2020-07-18Investigation into the diets and nutritional knowledge of young men with depression: The MENDDS survey.Bayes, J; Schloss, J; Sibbritt, D