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2022Current Trends and Future Directions in Sport for Development and PeaceWelty Peachey, J; Schulenkorf, N
2021-10-14Better Late Than Never?! Five Compelling Reasons for Putting Physical Activity in Low- and Middle-Income Countries High Up on the Public Health Research Agenda.Siefken, K; Ramirez Varela, A; Waqanivalu, T; Schulenkorf, N
2021“No Idea is a Bad Idea”: Exploring the Nature of Design Thinking Alignment in an Australian Sport OrganizationJoachim, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schlenker, K; Frawley, S; Cohen, A
2020-12-10An application of the sports logistics framework: the case of the Dallas CowboysHerold, DM; Schulenkorf, N; Breitbarth, T; Bongiovanni, I
2020-11Managing Sport for Development: An Investigation of Tensions and ParadoxRaw, K; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N
2020-09-16Personal, Social, and Environmental Mediators Associated With Increased Recreational Physical Activity in Women and Girls in the Kingdom of Tonga.Keane, L; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Negin, J; Ding, D; Bauman, A; Jegasothy, E; Richards, J
2020-05-10Guiding qualitative inquiry in sport-for-development: The sport in development settings (SPIDS) research frameworkSchulenkorf, N; Edwards, D; Hergesell, A
2020-01-01Applying intergroup contact theory to sport-for-developmentSchulenkorf, N; Sherry, E
2020Sport-for-Development and (Partnerships with) the Health Sector: Reflections from the Pacific IslandsSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Welty Peachey, J; Green, C; Chalip, L
2019-12-01Exploring Sport and Intergroup Relations in Fiji: Guidance for Researchers Undertaking Short-Term EthnographySugden, JT; Adair, D; Schulenkorf, N; Frawley, S
2019-11-11Fitness industry self-regulation: institutional or by choice?MacFarlane, JD; Phelps, S; Schulenkorf, N
2019-11-01Re-engaging local youth for sustainable sport-for-developmentHoekman, MJ; Schulenkorf, N; Welty Peachey, J
2019-09-01Sport for Social Change: Bridging the Theory–Practice DivideWelty Peachey, J; Schulenkorf, N; Spaaij, R
2019-08-08Sustaining commercial viability and community benefits: management and leverage of a sport-for-development eventSchulenkorf, N; Giannoulakis, C; Blom, L
2019-04-25Global sport leadershipFrawley, S; Misener, L; Lock, D; Schulenkorf, N
2019-02-01Pacific Outreach Program – Papua New Guinea 2018 Annual Evaluation Research ReportSherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Raw, K
2019-02-01Managing sport-for-development and healthy lifestyles: The sport-for-health modelSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K
2019-01-26Sri LankaStai, P; Schulenkorf, N; Godfrey, J; Phelps, S
2019-01-01South Pacific: Fostering healthy lifestylesSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Collison, H; Darnell, S; Giulianotti, R; Howe, D
2019-01-01Design thinking and sport for development: enhancing organizational innovationJoachim, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schlenker, K; Frawley, S