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2021-08-01The Moodoo Library: Quantitative Metrics to Model How Teachers Make Use of the Classroom Space by Analysing Indoor Positioning Traces (Extended Abstract)Martinez-Maldonado, R; Echeverria, V; Mangaroska, K; Shibani, A; Fernandez-Nieto, G; Schulte, J; Shum, SB
2021-01-01A Simple Method to Measure the Local Geomagnetic Field Accurately in a First-Year Physics LaboratoryWang, S; Huang, S; Liu, C; Tang, Z; Shi, Q; Schulte, J
2020-10-01Where is the teacher? Digital analytics for classroom proxemicsMartinez-Maldonado, R; Schulte, J; Echeverria, V; Gopalan, Y; Shum, SB
2020-03-18Teacher tracking with integrity: What indoor positioning can reveal about instructional proxemicsMartinez-Maldonado, R; Mangaroska, K; Schulte, J; Elliott, D; Axisa, C; Shum, SB
2018-07-01Shaping the future of academic libraries: Authentic learning for the next generationSchulte, J; Tiffen, B; Edwards, J; Abbott, S; Luca, E
2018-01-01A new method of measuring gravitational acceleration in an undergraduate laboratory programWang, Q; Wang, C; Xiao, Y; Schulte, J; Shi, Q
2018-01-01A useful demonstration of calculus in a physics high school laboratoryAlvarez, G; Schulte, J; Stockton, G; Wheeler, D
2017-03-13Connecting data with student support actions in a course: A hands-on tutorialPardo, A; Martínez-Maldonado, R; Shum, SB; Schulte, J; McIntyre, S; Gašević, D; Gao, J; Siemens, G
2017-03-13Large scale predictive process mining and analytics of university degree course dataSchulte, J; De Mendonca, PF; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Shum, SB
2016-10-28Authentic Learning Experiences In A Theory Heavy Learning ContextSchulte, J; Griffiths, N
2016-02-03Experiences with an Adaptive Learning ProductSchulte, J
2015-11-27Scaling Instructor-driven Personal Support ActionsSchulte, J; Pardo, A
2015-11-11Authentic assessment, original research and academic publishing for second year undergraduatesSchulte, J; Scott, A
2015-11-11Adaptive Learning: Opportunities for Flexible and Deep LearningSchulte, J
2015-10-27Putting the Professional into Practice-based LearningSchulte, J; Griffiths, N
2015-09-30Reciprocal Peer Teaching for Problem-Solving Teams in a Senior-Year Science CourseBraun, M; Schulte, J; Davila, YC; Yeung, A
2015-09-23Gamification of learning within a problem solving contextSchulte, J
2015-05-15Learning futures: using authentic assessment to enable practice-oriented learning in Science’Schulte, J; Griffiths, N
2015-05-13Learning futures: introducing authentic assessment to enable practice-oriented learning in scienceSchulte, J; griffiths, N