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2022-12-01Climate Change, Time and Tourism Knowledge: The Relativity of SimultaneitySchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S
2022-08-01Competitive positioning of tourism academic knowledgeSchweinsberg, S; Sharpley, R; Darcy, S
2022-03-14Applying Theory of Change to the Sustainable Financing of Protected AreasO'Flynn, L; Schweinsberg, S; Wearing, S
2022-01-24The Epistemic Authority of Tourism AcademicsSchweinsberg, S
2022-01-01Ecotourism and the trouble with transportationSchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S
2022-01-01Ecotourist Experience: Myth or reality?Schweinsberg, S; O'Flynn, L
2021-11-02Exploring student engagement in sustainability education and study abroadTarrant, M; Schweinsberg, S; Landon, A; Wearing, SL; McDonald, M; Rubin, D
2021-11-01Academic dissent in a post COVID-19 worldSchweinsberg, S; Fennell, D; Hassanli, N
2021-11Sharing begins at home: A social licence framework for home sharing practicesBaumber, A; Schweinsberg, S; Scerri, M; Kaya, E; Sajib, S
2021-05-13Financing Protected Areas: The Social and Environmental Impact Bond's Role in Terrestrial Protected Area SustainabilityO'Flynn, L; Schweinsberg, S; Wearing, S
2021-04-30What is this ‘host community’ that tourism scholars keep talking about?Schweinsberg, S; Lai, P-H; Wearing, S
2021-01-01Host communities and last chance tourismSchweinsberg, S; Wearing, S; Lai, PH
2020-03-03Exploring tripartite praxis for the REDD + forest climate change initiative through community based ecotourismWearing, S; McDonald, M; Schweinsberg, S; Chatterton, P; Bainbridge, T
2020-03‘Climate crisis’ and ‘bushfire disaster’: Implications for tourism from the involvement of social media in the 2019–2020 Australian bushfiresSchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S; Beirman, D
2020-02-08From tourism and disability to accessible tourism: a perspective articleDarcy, S; McKercher, B; Schweinsberg, S
2020-02-01Coal seam gas: a space-based perspectiveSchweinsberg, S; McManus, P
2020‘Drought tourism’ as compassionSchweinsberg, S; McManus, P; Darcy, S; Wearing, S
2019-09-01A social licence for the sharing economyBaumber, A; Scerri, M; Schweinsberg, S
2019-05-03Using Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility as a Transition to Shared Value for the Sharing Economy (SE)Wearing, S; Lyons, K; Schweinsberg, S
2019-05-01Comments/rejoinders and the formation of knowledgeSchweinsberg, S