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2022-04-18Physical activity estimated by osteogenic potential and energy expenditure has differing associations with bone mass in young adults: the raine study.Ng, C-A; Scott, D; Sim, M; Zhu, K; Siafarikas, A; Hart, NH; Tan, J; Chivers, P
2021-05Feasibility, safety and effectiveness of a pilot 16-week home-based, impact exercise intervention in postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density.Ng, C-A; McMillan, LB; Humbert, L; Ebeling, PR; Scott, D
2021-04Higher-Impact Physical Activity Is Associated With Maintenance of Bone Mineral Density But Not Reduced Incident Falls or Fractures in Older Men: The Concord Health and Aging in Men Project.Ng, C-A; Scott, D; Seibel, MJ; Cumming, RG; Naganathan, V; Blyth, FM; Le Couteur, DG; Waite, LM; Handelsman, DJ; Hirani, V
2019-11-01Bony stress in the lumbar spine is associated with intervertebral disc degeneration and low back pain: a retrospective case–control MRI study of patients under 25 years of ageChepurin, D; Chamoli, U; Sheldrick, K; Lapkin, S; Scott, D; Kuan, J; Diwan, AD
2016Planning and policy frameworksVeal, AJ; Walker, GD; Scott, D; Stodolska, M
2008-01-01What does a physics undergraduate education give you? A perspective from Australian physicsSharma, M; Pollard, J; Mendez, A; Mills, D; O'Byrne, J; Scott, D; Hagon, S; Gribble, J; Kirkup, L; Livett, M; Low, D; Merchant, A; Rayner, A; Swan, G; Zadnik, M; Zealey, W
2008-01Do Students' experiences of a service subject correspond to their expectations?Kirkup, L; Mendez, A; Scott, D; Sharma, M; O'Byrne, J; Quinton, J; Pollard, J; Petelina, S; Creagh, C; Keleher, P; Bhathal, R; Hugman, A
2008-01Physics Graduates in the Workforce: Does Physics Education Help?O'Byrne, J; Mendez, A; Sharma, M; Kirkup, L; Scott, D; Pollard, J
2007-01Teaching Physics to non-physics majors: models extant in Australian UniversitiesKirkup, L; Scott, D; Sharma, M; Johnston, PI