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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01The local impacts of sex industry premises: Imagination, reality and implications for planningSearle, GH; Boydell, S; Crofts, P; Hubbard, P; Prior, JH; Maginn, P
2009-01Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in SydneyBoydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, JH; Jakubowicz, AH; Searle, GH; Maginn, PJ; Jones, R; Haslam-Mackenzie, F; Boruff, B; Clifton, J; Giles-Corti, B; Khan, S; Martin, G; Paulin, S; Perkins, T; Shaw, BJ; Tonts, M; Van Niel, K
2008-01The Impacts of Contemporary Globalisation on Australian CitiesSearle, GH; Braun, B; Schuttemeyer, A
2008-01Beyond Planning: Sydney's Knowledge Sector DevelopmentSearle, GH; Pritchard, WN; Yigitcanlar, T; Velibeyoglu, K; Baum, S
2008-01Understanding the Conditions for the Emergence of Airport Knowledge Precincts: A Framework for ResearchYigitcanlar, T; Martinez-Fernandez, C; Searle, GH; Baker, D; Velibeyoglu, K; Schrenk, M; Popovich, VV; Engelke, D; Elisi, P
2008-01Urban Structure and Energy -- A ReviewRickwood, P; Glazebrook, GJ; Searle, GH
2008-01Conflicts and Politics in Precinct DevelopmentSearle, GH; Haylar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
2007-01Seeking Certainty: Recent Planning for Sydney and MelbourneBunker, R; Searle, GH
2007-01The Contemporary Commons: understanding competing property rightsBoydell, S; Searle, GH; Small, GR; Hamnett, S
2007-01In Search of the Elusive Triple Bottom Line: Turbulent Infrastructure Policy at the Sydney Water BoardSearle, GH; Hamnett, S
2006-01Is the City of Cities Metropolitan Strategy the Answer to Sydney?Searle, GH
2006-01The Redfern-Waterloo Authority: Sydney's Continuing Use of Development Corporations as a Primary Mode of Urban GovernanceSearle, GH; Troy, P
2005-01Power and Planning Consent in Sydney's Urban Consolidation ProgramSearle, GH; Cryle, D; Hillier, J
2005-01Regional Policies over the last Decade: Imprinting Working NationMcgrath-Champ, S; Searle, GH
2005-01Industry Clusters and Sydney's ITT Sector: Northern Sydney as 'Australia's Silicon Valley'?Searle, GH; Pritchard, WN
2004-01The Exigencies of Metropolitan water and sewerage provision since modernism: Environmental crises, fiscal ideology and the Sydney Water BoardSearle, GH; Guardia, M; Monicus, P
2004-01Planning discourses and Sydneys recent Metropolitan StrategiesSearle, GH
2004-01The Limits to Urban ConsolidationSearle, GH
2003-01Direct Application of Theory to Practice: Collaborative Place Management of Sydney Harbour 1998-2002Dawkins, JE; Searle, GH; Austin, T
2002-01Uncertain legacy: Sydney's Olympic stadiumsSearle, GH