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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2018The quaternion-Pell sequenceDeveci, Ö; Shannon, AG
Dec-2018The structure of prime sumsLeyendekkers, JV; Shannon, AG
9-Oct-2018Prime sequencesLeyendekkers, JV; Shannon, AG
18-Aug-2018Modular class primes in the Sundaram sievePruitt, K; Shannon, AG
1-Jan-2018The fibonacci numbers and integer structure: Foundations for a modern quadriviumShannon, AG; Leyendekkers, JV
1-Jan-2017Mathematical contributions to the study of Diabetes MellitusShannon, AG
1-Jan-2017Generalized net models of academic promotion and doctoral candidatureShannon, AG; Riecan, B; Sotirova, E; Atanassov, K; Krawczak, M; Melo-Pinto, P; Parvathi, R; Kim, T
2017On the Pell p-circulant sequencesShannon, AG; Aküzüm, Y; Deveci, Ö
2017Primitive Pythagorean triples and generalized Fibonacci sequencesShannon, AG
2017Pell–Padovan-circulant sequences and their applicationsShannon, AG; Deveci, Ö
1-Jan-2016Intuitionistic fuzzy logic and provisional acceptance of scientific theories: A tribute to Krassimir Atanassov on the occasion of his sixtieth birthdayShannon, AG
20-Nov-2013Empirical approaches to the application of mathematical techniques in health technologiesShannon, AG; Nguyen, HT
1-Jul-2013The sequences of Horadam, Williams and Philippou as generalized Lucas sequencesShannon, AG
1-Jan-2013On the golden ratioLeyendekkers, JV; Shannon, AG
Jan-2012Pellian sequences and squaresLeyendekkers, J; Shannon, AG
1-Jul-2011The digital root function for Fibonacci-type sequencesAtanassov, KT; Shannon, AG
1-Apr-2011Generalized fibonacci-feinberg sequencesShannon, AG; Cook, CK
1-Jan-2011Why 3 and 5 are always factors of primitive Pythagorean triplesLeyendekkers, JV; Shannon, AG
1-Jan-2011Reflections on some mathematical modeling in endocrinologyShannon, AG
1-Jan-1995Extended and generalized fibonacci polynomialsShannon, AG; Melham, RS