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2023-11Hybrid and enhanced electrokinetic system for soil remediation from heavy metals and organic matterHamdi, FM; Ganbat, N; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Ibrar, I; Zhou, JL; Sharif, AO
2020-08-08Enhancing Performance of the Membrane Distillation Process using Air Injection Zigzag System for Water DesalinationAltaee, A; Alhathal Alanezi, A; Alqahs Alanezi, Y; Alazmi, R; Alsalhy, QF; Sharif, AO
2020-03The effect of energy recovery device and feed flow rate on the energy efficiency of reverse osmosis processAlanezi, AA; Altaee, A; Sharif, AO
2019-08-01Impact of membrane orientation on the energy efficiency of dual stage pressure retarded osmosisAltaee, A; Zhou, J; Zaragoza, G; Sharif, AO
2018-06-06Aquaporin–graphene interface: relevance to point-of-care device for renal cell carcinoma and desalinationJakowiecki, J; Sztyler, A; Filipek, S; Li, P; Raman, K; Barathiraja, N; Ramakrishna, S; Eswara, JR; Altaee, A; Sharif, AO; Ajayan, PM; Renugopalakrishnan, V
2018-02-01Limitations of osmotic gradient resource and hydraulic pressure on the efficiency of dual stage PRO processAltaee, A; Zaragoza, G; Millar, GJ; Sharif, AO; Alanezi, AA
2017-01-01Desalination: Forward osmosis for irrigation water supply using hybrid membrane system for draw solution regenerationAltaee, A; Wahadj, SR; Sharif, AO; Zaragoza, G; Hamdan, M; Aryafar, M
2016-12-13Forward osmosis process for supply of fertilizer solutions from seawater using a mixture of draw solutionsAltaee, A; Millar, GJ; Sharif, AO; Zaragoza, G
2016-09-13Nanofiltration separation of highly concentrated multivalent electrolyte draw solution; a pilot plant studyAltaee, A; Sharif, AO; Hamdan, M
2015-01-01Draw solutions for Forward Osmosis process: Osmotic pressure of binary and ternary aqueous solutions of magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, sucrose and maltoseHamdan, M; Sharif, AO; Derwish, G; Al-Aibi, S; Altaee, A
2011-06-15Alternative design to dual stage NF seawater desalination using high rejection brackish water membranesAlTaee, A; Sharif, AO