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1-Oct-2018An overview of multi-criteria decision-making methods in dealing with sustainable energy development issuesSiksnelyte, I; Zavadskas, EK; Streimikiene, D; Sharma, D
1-Aug-2018Water-energy-food nexus of sugarcane ethanol production in the state of Goiás, Brazil: An analysis with regional input-output matrixBellezoni, RA; Sharma, D; Villela, AA; Pereira Junior, AO
20-May-2017Political economy of independent regulation in India's natural gas industryMahalingam, S; Sharma, D
1-Jan-2017Adequacy of Renewable Energy Policies: A Preliminary AssessmentYang, M; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
4-Sep-2014Macroeconomic impacts of energy efficiency improvements in AsiaSharma, D; Sandhu, S; Misra, S
1-Jan-2014Impacts of Electricity Market Reforms on Investments in the Power SectorYang, M; Sharma, D
1-Jan-2012The Impacts of Electricity Industry Reforms on Electricity PricesYang, M; Sharma, D
1-Nov-2011Electricity industry reforms in Thailand: An analysis of productivityWattana, S; Sharma, D
1-Oct-2011Vietnam's energy sector: A review of current energy policies and strategiesMinh Do, T; Sharma, D
1-Jan-2011Enhancing the resilience of the Australian National Electricity Market: Taking a systems approach in policy developmentNewell, B; Marsh, DM; Sharma, D
25-Dec-2009A gradualist approach to address Australia's urban water challengeChanan, A; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Sharma, D
Jan-2009Review of Existing Energy Framework for VietnamDo, T; Sharma, D; Nguyen, N
17-Jul-2008Nuclear power versus fossil-fuel power with CO<inf>2</inf> capture and storage: A comparative analysisRogner, HH; Sharma, D; Jalal, AI
1-Mar-2008The relationship between electricity and gas industries in AustraliaVaiyavuth, R; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
Jan-2008Electricity Industry Reforms in Thailand: A Historical ReviewWattana, S; Sharma, D; Vaiyavuth, R
Jan-2008Energy Challenges for Thailand: An OverviewChaivongvilan, S; Sharma, D; Sandu, S
1-Dec-2007Energy-water nexus: An integrated modeling approachMarsh, DM; Sharma, D
Jan-2007Finding integration pathways: developing a transdisciplinary (TD) approach for the Upper Nepean Catchment.Palmer, CG; Gothe, J; Mitchell, CA; Riedy, C; Sweetapple, K; McLaughlin, SM; Hose, GC; Lowe, M; Goodall, H; Green, T; Sharma, D; Fane, SA; Brew, K; Jones, PR; Wilson, AL; Dehaan, RL; Watts, RJ; Page, KJ; Bowmer, KH; Curtis, A
1-Jan-2005A novel approach for electrical load forecasting using distributed sensor networksChalla, BP; Challa, S; Chakravorty, R; Deshpande, SK; Sharma, D
Jan-2005Electricity Reforms in the ASEAN: A Panoramic DiscourseSharma, D