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2021-12-01Recent advances in polymeric nanostructured ion selective membranes for biomedical applications.Sharma, R; Geranpayehvaghei, M; Ejeian, F; Razmjou, A; Asadnia, M
2021-02-01Nonpharmacological Interventions for Managing Breathlessness in Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Systematic Review.Gupta, A; Sedhom, R; Sharma, R; Zhang, A; Waldfogel, JM; Feliciano, JL; Day, J; Gersten, RA; Davidson, PM; Bass, EB; Dy, SM
2021-01-01Using Susceptible-Exposed-Infectious-Recovered Model to Forecast Coronavirus OutbreakDansana, D; Kumar, R; Parida, A; Sharma, R; Adhikari, JD; Le, HV; Pham, BT; Singh, KK; Pradhan, B
2020-02-04FKBPL-based peptide, ALM201, targets angiogenesis and cancer stem cells in ovarian cancerAnnett, S; Moore, G; Short, A; Marshall, A; McCrudden, C; Yakkundi, A; Das, S; McCluggage, WG; Nelson, L; Harley, I; Moustafa, N; Kennedy, CJ; deFazio, A; Brand, A; Sharma, R; Brennan, D; O’Toole, S; O’Leary, J; Bates, M; O’Riain, C; O’Connor, D; Furlong, F; McCarthy, H; Kissenpfennig, A; McClements, L; Robson, T
2019-12-20Investigating online tests practices of university staff using data from a learning management systemStack, A; Boitshwarelo, B; Reedy, A; Billany, T; Reedy, H; Sharma, R; Vemuri, J
2019-09-15Mapping the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire onto the Child Health Utility 9D in a large study of childrenSharma, R; Gu, Y; Sinha, K; Aghdaee, M; Parkinson, B
2019-01-01Moving from crime and punishment to success and reward: Transitioning from technical to educational researchDart, S; Blackmore, K; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Jose, S; Sharma, R; Trad, S; Jolly, L
2018-12-05Signature and logo detection using deep CNN for document image retrievalSharma, N; Mandal, R; Sharma, R; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2018-07-03Pincode detection using deep CNN for postal automationSharma, N; Sengupta, A; Sharma, R; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M
2018-03-01Role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in the pathophysiology of Diabetes mellitusTiwari, J; Gupta, G; De Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; Sharma, R; Pabreja, K; Matta, Y; Arora, N; Mishra, A; Dua, K
2018-01-01Embarking effect of ACE2-angiotensin 1-7/mas receptor axis in benign prostate hyperplasiaSingh, Y; Gupta, G; Sharma, R; Matta, Y; Mishra, A; Pinto, TDJA; Dua, K
2017-06-21The failure of success factors: Lessons from success and failure cases of enterprise architecture implementationHope, T; Chew, E; Sharma, R
2017-01-01Use of lean robotic communication to improve social response of children with autismTalaei-Khoei, A; Lewis, L; Kaul, M; Daniel, J; Sharma, R
2016-11-01Effective techniques for changing physical activity and healthy eating intentions and behaviour: A systematic review and meta-analysisMcDermott, MS; Oliver, M; Iverson, D; Sharma, R
2016-10-18Exploring the role of Transactive Memory Systems in virtual teams: Review and synthesis of literatureImran, M; Ariff, M; Sharma, R; Arshad, NI
2016-01-01Realizing value from business analytics platforms: The effects of managerial search and agility of resource allocation processesAnand, A; Sharma, R; Coltman, T
2016-01-01Four steps to realizing business value from digital data streamsAnand, A; Coltman, T; Sharma, R
2016-01-01How organizational performance influences managerial search? - Towards 'informating search' theoryAnand, A; Sharma, R; Kohli, R
2015-12-30The theory of planned behaviour and discrete food choices: A systematic review and meta-analysisMcDermott, MS; Oliver, M; Svenson, A; Simnadis, T; Beck, EJ; Coltman, T; Iverson, D; Caputi, P; Sharma, R
2015-12-01The Theory of Planned Behaviour and dietary patterns: A systematic review and meta-analysisMcDermott, MS; Oliver, M; Simnadis, T; Beck, EJ; Coltman, T; Iverson, D; Caputi, P; Sharma, R