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1-Jul-2019Rosmarinic acid attenuates inflammation in experimentally induced arthritis in Wistar rats, using Freund’s complete adjuvantGautam, RK; Gupta, G; Sharma, S; Hatware, K; Patil, K; Sharma, K; Goyal, S; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
8-Jan-2019Building Scalable Mobile Edge Computing by Enhancing Quality of ServicesTiwary, M; Sharma, S; Mishra, P; El-Sayed, H; Prasad, M; Puthal, D
1-Jan-2019A Simple and Cost-Effective Freeze-Thaw Based Method for Plasmodium DNA Extraction from Dried Blood SpotSharma, S; Mann, R; Kumar, S; Mishra, N; Srivastava, B; Valecha, N; Anvikar, AR
1-Sep-2018Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma: Promising target in glioblastomaGupta, G; Singhvi, G; Chellappan, DK; Sharma, S; Mishra, A; Dahiya, R; De Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; Dua, K
17-Aug-2018A fingerprinting technique for identification of wireless devicesDalai, AK; Jena, A; Sharma, S; Mohapatra, A; Sahoo, B; Obaidat, MS; Sadoun, B; Puthal, D
31-Jul-2018Self Deployment Based on Circle Packing Algorithm for Movement Assisted Wireless Sensor NetworksShit, RC; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Panday, A
31-Jul-2018Secure Authentication Protocol for IoT ArchitectureSahu, AK; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Pandey, A; Shit, R
1-Jul-2018Location of Things (LoT): A review and taxonomy of sensors localization in IoT infrastructureShit, RC; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Zomaya, AY
31-May-2018Building Scalable Cyber-Physical-Social Networking Infrastructure Using IoT and Low Power SensorsLenka, RK; Rath, AK; Tan, Z; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Simha, NVR; Prasad, M; Raja, R; Tripathi, SS
1-Mar-2018Building a Sustainable Internet of Things: Energy-Efficient Routing Using Low-Power Sensors Will Meet the NeedRoy, SS; Puthal, D; Sharma, S; Mohanty, SP; Zomaya, AY
1-Jan-2018Energy-efficient deployment of edge dataenters for mobile clouds in sustainable iotMishra, SK; Puthal, D; Sahoo, B; Sharma, S; Xue, Z; Zomaya, AY
30-Aug-2017MSGR: A Mode-Switched Grid-Based Sustainable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksSharma, S; Puthal, D; Tazeen, S; Prasad, M; Zomaya, AY
1-May-2017Pharmacological evaluation of aqueous extract of syzigium cumini for its antihyperglycemic and antidyslipidemic properties in diabetic rats fed a high cholesterol diet—Role of PPARγ and PPARαSharma, S; Pathak, S; Gupta, G; Sharma, SK; Singh, L; Sharma, RK; Mishra, A; Dua, K
1-Jan-2017Rendezvous based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile sinkSharma, S; Puthal, D; Jena, SK; Zomaya, AY; Ranjan, R
29-Aug-2016Regenerated gratings redefinedBiswas, P; Sharma, S; Canning, J; Bandyopadhyay, S
1-Jan-2016Midwifery 2030: A woman's pathway to health. What does this mean?Hoope-Bender, PT; Lopes, STC; Nove, A; Michel-Schuldt, M; Moyo, NT; Bokosi, M; Codjia, L; Sharma, S; Homer, C
Jan-2013Realisation of complex precast concrete structures through the integration of algorithmic design and novel fabrication techniquesLarsen, NM; Pederson, OE; Pigram, DA; Hesselgren, L; Sharma, S; Wallner, J; Baldassini, N; Bompas, P; Raynaud, J
1-Jul-2011Minocycline attenuates the development of diabetic neuropathic pain: Possible anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant mechanismsPabreja, K; Dua, K; Sharma, S; Padi, SSV; Kulkarni, SK
1-Dec-2008Seasonal PM<inf>10</inf> dynamics in Kathmandu ValleyAryal, RK; Lee, BK; Karki, R; Gurung, A; Kandasamy, J; Pathak, BK; Sharma, S; Giri, N
Jan-2005Corporate sustainability: integrating human and ecological sustainability approachesGriffiths, AB; Dunphy, DC; Benn, SH; Starik, M; Sharma, S; Egri, C; Bunch, R