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2023-10-11Nanomedicine: Innovative Strategies and Recent Advances in Targeted Cancer Therapy.Gautam, RK; Mittal, P; Goyal, R; Dua, K; Mishra, DK; Sharma, S; Singla, RK
2023-10-03One step at a time. Shaping consensus on research priorities and terminology in telehealth in musculoskeletal pain: an international modified e-Delphi study.Fandim, JV; Hinman, RS; Øverås, CK; Sharma, S; Belton, J; Oliveira, VC; Dear, BF; Parker, R; Ghai, B; Bennell, KL; Ferreira, P; Hartvigsen, J; Saragiotto, BT
2023-10Hedychium spicatum: A comprehensive insight into its ethnobotany, phytochemistry, pharmacological and therapeutic attributesSingh, M; Kumar, R; Sharma, S; Kumar, L; Kumar, S; Gupta, G; Dua, K; Kumar, D
2023-09-26Research from low-income and middle-income countries will benefit global health and the physiotherapy profession, but it requires support.Sharma, S; Verhagen, A; Elkins, M; Brismée, J-M; Fulk, GD; Taradaj, J; Steen, L; Jette, A; Moore, A; Stewart, A; Hoogenboom, BJ; Söderlund, A; Harms, M; Pinto, RZ
2023-05-17Advanced drug-delivery approaches in managing P53-mediated lung diseases remodeling.Bhat, AA; Gilhotra, R; Singh, Y; Sharma, S; Jesus Andreoli Pinto, TD; Ferraz, HG; Singh, SK; Dua, K; Gupta, G
2023-05Chitosan based sorafenib tosylate loaded magnetic nanoparticles: Formulation and in-vitro characterizationDahiya, M; Awasthi, R; Yadav, JP; Sharma, S; Dua, K; Dureja, H
2023-01-01RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE ROLE OF PROTOCATECHUIC ACID IN NEURODEGENERATIVE DISORDERSThapa, R; Goyal, A; Gupta, G; Bhat, AA; Singh, SK; Subramaniyan, V; Sharma, S; Prasher, P; Jakhmola, V; Singh, SK; Dua, K
2023Online information on chronic pain in 3 countries: an assessment of readability, credibility, and accuracy.Basnet, R; Mendez, DR; Lugo-González, I; O'Hagan, E; O'Keeffe, M; Sharma, S; Pate, JW; Kennedy, DS
2022-12-02Phytochemistry and Polypharmacological potential of Colebrookea oppositifolia Smith.Kumar, D; Singla, RK; Sharma, P; Kumar, L; Kaur, N; Dhawan, RK; Sharma, S; Dua, K; Sharma, R
2022-10-14Nutraceuticals and COVID-19: A mechanistic approach toward attenuating the disease complications.Paudel, KR; Patel, V; Vishwas, S; Gupta, S; Sharma, S; Chan, Y; Jha, NK; Shrestha, J; Imran, M; Panth, N; Shukla, SD; Jha, SK; Devkota, HP; Warkiani, ME; Singh, SK; Ali, MK; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2022-08-18Effect of Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube Cooling to Enhance the Surface-Topography and Tool-Wear in Sustainable Turning of Al-5.6Zn-2.5Mg-1.6Cu-0.23Cr-T6 Aerospace Alloy.Singh, J; Gill, SS; Dogra, M; Sharma, S; Singh, M; Dwivedi, SP; Li, C; Singh, S; Muhammad, S; Salah, B; Shamseldin, MA
2022-02-12In Situ Micro-Observation of Surface Roughness and Fracture Mechanism in Metal Microforming of Thin Copper Sheets with Newly Developed Compact Testing Apparatus.Singh, M; Sharma, S; Muniappan, A; Pimenov, DY; Wojciechowski, S; Jha, K; Dwivedi, SP; Li, C; Królczyk, JB; Walczak, D; Nguyen, TVT
2022-01-01A quantum mutation-based backtracking search algorithmNama, S; Sharma, S; Saha, AK; Gandomi, AH
2022The Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) has better free full-text access than PubMed: An observational study.Moseley, AM; Fernández Hernando, D; Saragiotto, BT; Sharma, S; Maharjan, E; Elkins, MR
2021-06-01Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Flow Patterns, Pressure Drop, and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Staggered and Inline Shell-Tube Heat ExchangersSharma, S; Sharma, S; Singh, M; Singh, P; Singh, R; Maharana, S; Khalilpoor, N; Issakhov, A
2021-04Development of antibiotic resistance in the ocular Pseudomonas aeruginosa clone ST308 over twenty years.Khan, M; Willcox, MDP; Rice, SA; Sharma, S; Stapleton, F
2021-02Standardizing Assessment of Spoken Discourse in Aphasia: A Working Group With Deliverables.Stark, BC; Dutta, M; Murray, LL; Bryant, L; Fromm, D; MacWhinney, B; Ramage, AE; Roberts, A; den Ouden, DB; Brock, K; McKinney-Bock, K; Paek, EJ; Harmon, TG; Yoon, SO; Themistocleous, C; Yoo, H; Aveni, K; Gutierrez, S; Sharma, S
2021-01-18“SQiD, the Single Question in Delirium; can a single question help clinicians to detect delirium in hospitalised cancer patients?” running heading Single Question in Delirium” (Bcan-D-20-01665)Sands, MB; Sharma, S; Carpenter, L; Hartshorn, A; Lee, JT; Lujic, S; Congdon, ME; Buchanan, AM; Agar, M; Vardy, JL
2020-01-01Characteristic of enterprise collaboration system and its implementation issues in business managementPrakash, S; Joshi, S; Bhatia, T; Sharma, S; Samadhiya, D; Shah, RR; Kaiwartya, O; Prasad, M
2020-01-01Privacy-preserving cooperative localization in vehicular edge computing infrastructureChandra Shit, R; Sharma, S; Watters, P; Yelamarthi, K; Pradhan, B; Davison, R; Morgan, G; Puthal, D