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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03-01Active Perception for Visual-Language NavigationWang, H; Wang, W; Liang, W; Hoi, SCH; Shen, J; Gool, LV
2021-09-01Intelligent diagnostic system for rice diseases and pests based on knowledge graphYu, H; Shen, J; Bi, C; Liang, J; Chen, H
2021-07-05Incorporating Multimodal Cues for Advertorial DiscoveryZhang, L; Zhang, J; Shen, J; Xu, J; Li, Z; Yu, L
2021-04-01A hybrid unsupervised clustering-based anomaly detection methodPu, G; Wang, L; Shen, J; Dong, F
2021-03-10Large-area display textiles integrated with functional systemsShi, X; Zuo, Y; Zhai, P; Shen, J; Yang, Y; Gao, Z; Liao, M; Wu, J; Wang, J; Xu, X; Tong, Q; Zhang, B; Wang, B; Sun, X; Zhang, L; Pei, Q; Jin, D; Chen, P; Peng, H
2021-02-01ASDN: A Deep Convolutional Network for Arbitrary Scale Image Super-ResolutionShen, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, J
2021-01-01MOOC Student Dropout Rate Prediction via Separating and Conquering Micro and Macro InformationLin, J; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Yu, P; Cui, T; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2021-01-01Systematic evaluation of machine learning methods for identifying human-pathogen protein-protein interactions.Chen, H; Li, F; Wang, L; Jin, Y; Chi, C-H; Kurgan, L; Song, J; Shen, J
2021-01-01Towards A More Effective Bidirectional LSTM-Based Learning Model for Human-Bacterium Protein-Protein InteractionsChen, H; Shen, J; Wang, L; Jin, Y
2021A cost-sensitive deep learning based approach for network traffic classificationTelikani, A; Gandomi, AH; Choo, K-KR; Shen, J
2020-12-10APEX2S: A two-layer machine learning model for discovery of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions on cloud-based multiomics dataChen, H; Shen, J; Wang, L; Chi, CH
2020-12-01Motion-Aware Rapid Video Saliency DetectionGuo, F; Wang, W; Shen, Z; Shen, J; Shao, L; Tao, D
2020-11-01Accelerating Skycube Computation with Partial and Parallel Processing for Service SelectionDong, F; Luo, J; Jin, J; Shi, J; Yang, Y; Shen, J
2020-10-15RNN-DP: A new differential privacy scheme base on Recurrent Neural Network for Dynamic trajectory privacy protectionChen, S; Fu, A; Shen, J; Yu, S; Wang, H; Sun, H
2020-08-01A research of Monte Carlo optimized neural network for electricity load forecastYong, B; Huang, L; Li, F; Shen, J; Wang, X; Zhou, Q
2020-07-31An Edge Based Multi-Agent Auto Communication Method for Traffic Light Control.Wu, Q; Wu, J; Shen, J; Shen, J; Yong, B; Zhou, Q
2020-07-01Deep Sequence Labelling Model for Information Extraction in Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Zhou, Z; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2020-06-29Photoluminescence and photochemistry of the $V_B^-$ defect in hexagonal boron nitrideReimers, JR; Shen, J; Kianinia, M; Bradac, C; Aharonovich, I; Ford, MJ; Piecuch, P
2020-06-12Towards Attention-Based Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory for Travel Time Prediction of Bus Journeys.Wu, J; Wu, Q; Shen, J; Cai, C
2020-04-01Towards an assessment framework of reuse: a knowledge-level analysis approachBeydoun, G; Hoffmann, A; Valencia Garcia, R; Shen, J; Gill, A