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2023-09-11Dual-Doped Nickel Sulfide for Electro-Upgrading Polyethylene Terephthalate into Valuable Chemicals and Hydrogen Fuel.Chen, Z; Zheng, R; Bao, T; Ma, T; Wei, W; Shen, Y; Ni, B-J
2023-06Systematic in vitro and in vivo study on biodegradable binary Zn-0.2 at% Rare Earth alloys (Zn-RE: Sc, Y, La–Nd, Sm–Lu)Du, S; Shen, Y; Zheng, Y; Cheng, Y; Xu, X; Chen, D; Xia, D
2023-05-24Age-Dependent Multi-Cohort Affine Mortality Model with Cohort CorrelationZhou, Y; Garces, LPD; Shen, Y; Sherris, M; Ziveyi, J
2023-05-01Mixture formation characteristics and feasibility of methanol as an alternative fuel for gasoline in port fuel injection engines: Droplet evaporation and spray visualizationYuan, B; Wang, Z; Cao, J; Huang, Y; Shen, Y; Song, Z; Zhao, H; Cheng, X
2023-01-20Measuring the low-carbon energy transition in Chinese cities.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Sun, Y; Shan, Y
2023-01-01Generalized-Type Multistability of Almost Periodic Solutions for Memristive Cohen–Grossberg Neural NetworksZhu, S; Shen, Y; Mu, C; Liu, X; Wen, S
2022-08-17Multiple Mittag-Leffler Stability of Fractional-Order Complex-Valued Memristive Neural Networks With Delays.Shen, Y; Zhu, S; Liu, X; Wen, S
2022-06-01On the resilience of Australian public universities: why our institutions may fail unless vice-chancellors rethink broken commercial business modelsGuthrie, J; Linnenluecke, MK; Martin-Sardesai, A; Shen, Y; Smith, T
2022-06Biodegradation and potential effect of ranitidine during aerobic composting of human feces.Zhu, P; Pan, X; Shen, Y; Huang, X; Yu, F; Wu, D; Feng, Q; Zhou, J; Li, X
2022-05-01Signaling game-based availability assessment for edge computing-assisted IoT systems with malware disseminationShen, Y; Shen, S; Wu, Z; Zhou, H; Yu, S
2022-03-04Online Multi-Agent Forecasting With Interpretable Collaborative Graph Neural Networks.Li, M; Chen, S; Shen, Y; Liu, G; Tsang, IW; Zhang, Y
2022-02-10Feeding preference of insect larvae to waste electrical and electronic equipment plastics.Zhu, P; Shen, Y; Li, X; Liu, X; Qian, G; Zhou, J
2022-01-01DRL-based Resource Allocation Optimization for Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge ComputingWu, G; Zhao, Y; Shen, Y; Zhang, H; Shen, S; Yu, S
2022-01-01A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to Edge-based IDS Packets SamplingWu, G; Li, Z; Shen, Y; Zhang, H; Shen, S; Yu, S
2022-01-01A Two-Tower Spatial-Temporal Graph Neural Network for Traffic Speed PredictionShen, Y; Li, L; Xie, Q; Li, X; Xu, G
2021-10Multistability and associative memory of neural networks with Morita-like activation functions.Shen, Y; Zhu, S; Liu, X; Wen, S
2021-09-30Comparison of Sodium Oleate and Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate for Low-Temperature Flotation of Fluorite and the Collecting MechanismsRen, Z; Shen, Y; Gao, H; Chen, H; Liu, C; Chen, Z
2021-07China's ambitious energy transition plans.Shi, X; Sun, Y; Shen, Y
2021-04-30Reducing odor emissions from feces aerobic composting: additivesZhu, P; Shen, Y; Pan, X; Dong, B; Zhou, J; Zhang, W; Li, X
2021-03-01Analytical Calculation of Complex Relative Permeance Function and Magnetic Field in Slotted Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachinesWang, M; Zhu, J; Guo, L; Wu, J; Shen, Y