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2022-04-11Mechanical properties and piezoresistive performances of intrinsic graphene nanoplate/cement-based sensors subjected to impact loadDong, W; Li, W; Guo, Y; Wang, K; Sheng, D
2022-03-01In memory of Scott William Sloan (1954–2019)Kouretzis, G; Sheng, D; Thomas, HR
2022-02-01Piezoresistive performance of hydrophobic cement-based sensors under moisture and chloride-rich environmentsDong, W; Li, W; Guo, Y; Qu, F; Wang, K; Sheng, D
2022-02-01Nano/micromechanical characterisation and image analysis on the properties and heterogeneity of ITZs in geopolymer concreteLuo, Z; Li, W; Wang, K; Shah, SP; Sheng, D
2022-01-01Assessing the accuracy and efficiency of different order implicit and explicit integration schemesLloret-Cabot, M; Sheng, D
2022-01-01Multifunctional cementitious composites with integrated self-sensing and self-healing capacities using carbon black and slaked limeDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Shah, SP; Sheng, D
2021-11-01A meta-learning approach of optimisation for spatial prediction of landslidesPradhan, B; Sameen, MI; Al-Najjar, HAH; Sheng, D; Alamri, AM; Park, HJ
2021-11-01A two-surface plasticity model for clay; numerical implementation and applications to large deformation coupled problems of geomechanicsSabetamal, H; Salgado, R; Carter, JP; Sheng, D
2021-10-25Performance deterioration of fly ash/slag-based geopolymer composites subjected to coupled cyclic preloading and sulfuric acid attackQu, F; Li, W; Wang, K; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2021-10-19Intrinsic graphene/cement-based sensors with piezoresistivity and superhydrophobicity capacities for smart concrete infrastructureDong, W; Li, W; Sun, Z; Ibrahim, I; Sheng, D
2021-10-01Microstructural effects on the wetting-induced collapse in compacted loessGe, M; Pineda, JA; Sheng, D; Burton, GJ; Li, N
2021-08-01Efficient reliability analysis considering uncertainty in random field parameters: Trained neural networks as surrogate modelsHe, X; Wang, F; Li, W; Sheng, D
2021-08-01Development of sustainable concrete incorporating seawater: A critical review on cement hydration, microstructure and mechanical strengthLi, P; Li, W; Sun, Z; Shen, L; Sheng, D
2021-07-01Study on breakage transition matrix of granular soilsDong, Z; Tong, C; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2021-06-01Self-sensing cement-based sensors for structural health monitoring toward smart infrastructureLi, W; Dong, W; Castel, A; Sheng, D
2021-05-01Coupled analysis of full flow penetration problems in soft sensitive claysSabetamal, H; Carter, JP; Zhang, X; Sheng, D
2021-05Influence of soil microstructure on air permeability in compacted clayNguyen, V; Pineda, JA; Romero, E; Sheng, D
2021-04-01Multifunctional cementitious composites with integrated self-sensing and hydrophobic capacities toward smart structural health monitoringDong, W; Li, W; Zhu, X; Sheng, D; Shah, SP
2021-04-01Frost susceptibility of soils-A confusing concept that can misguide geotechnical design in cold regionsSheng, D
2021-03-01Generalising the Kozeny-Carman equation to frozen soilsTeng, J; Yan, H; Liang, S; Zhang, S; Sheng, D