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2023-12Leveraging twitter data to understand nurses' emotion dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic.Zhou, J; Sheppard-Law, S; Xiao, C; Smith, J; Lamb, A; Axisa, C; Chen, F
2023-10-27Parents' and nurses' perceptions and behaviours of family-centred care during periods of busyness.Simpson-Collins, M; Fry, M; Sheppard-Law, S; Harris, C
2023-10-03University health students’ challenges and coping strategies during the covid-19 pandemic: an integrative literature reviewAlmadadha, L; Gholizadeh, L; Sheppard-Law, S
2023-08-17Evaluation of a Culturally Adapted Online Basic Psychosocial Skills Training Program for International Frontline Workers in Under-Resourced Contexts During the COVID-19 PandemicBrown, D; River, J; Sheppard-Law, S; Change, O; Obed, J; Townsend, L; Iro, E; Rumsey, M
2023-03The Influence of Busyness on the Therapeutic Relationship, Nursing Activities and Teamwork: An Ethnography.Simpson-Collins, M; Fry, M; Sheppard-Law, S
2023-01-01Exploring the SPHERE Nursing and Midwifery Clinician Researcher Career Pathway: A qualitative studyJohnson, M; Ferguson, C; Thornton, A; Israel, J; Cruickshank, M; Deboroah, D; Fernandez, R; Fry, M; Hickman, LD; Hosie, A; Inglis, SC; McErlean, G; McInnes, E; Perry, L; Sheppard-Law, S; Wynne, R; Parsons, M; Middleton, S
2023Identifying Safety Practices Perceived as Low Value: An Exploratory Survey of Healthcare Staff in the United Kingdom and Australia.Halligan, D; Janes, G; Conner, M; Albutt, A; Debono, D; Carland, J; Sheppard-Law, S; Taylor, N; Middleton, S; McInnes, E; Ferguson, C; Lawton, R
2022-05-04Screening for housing issues with families in health and social service settings: a systematic reviewAnderst, A; Hunter, K; Andersen, M; Walker, N; Coombes, J; Raman, S; Moore, M; Ryan, L; Jersky, M; Mackenzie, A; Williams, C; Doyle, EK; Lingam, R; Zwi, K; Sheppard-Law, S; Erskine, C; Clapman, K; Woolfenden, S
2021-12-01Award-winning hepatology abstracts from AustralasiaSheppard-Law, S; Richmond, J; Sheils, S; McQuillan, K
2021-01-01Measuring the impact of COVID-19 related change on Australian nursing practice and nurse well-beingSheppard-Law, S; Debono, D; Doab, A; Fry, M
2021-01-01Parents' experience of extended viewing in a paediatric hospice: a qualitative studySmith, P; Teasdale, E; Sheppard-Law, S
2021-01-01Need we say more? Measuring redundancy in nursing progress notesRitz, D-R; Sheppard-Law, S
2021-01-01Measuring the impact of COVID-19 related chnage on Australian Nursing practice and nurse wellbeingSheppard-Law, S
2021-01-01Innovative ways to improve patient family knowledge of inpatient safetySheppard-Law, S; Ceely, C; Gardo, A
2021-01-01Predictors of PARENT’S KNOWLEDGE OF HOSPITAL-BASED PAEDIATRIC FALLSSheppard-Law, S; Brogan, F; Shala, D-R
2021-01-01The impact of definitional uncertainty; how child and adolescent mental health data can direct changes in restrictive practice policySealey, L; Cruickshank, M; Roche, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Sheppard-Law, S
2020-05-25Effectiveness of Clinical Nurses' interventions in reducing medication errors in a pediatric wardAlaoma, A; Wilson, V; Lewis, J; Sheppard-Law, S
2020-01-02Improving the Utilisation of Nitrous Oxide in Paediatric Patients to Manage Procedural Pain and Procedural AnxietyKornman, K; Wilson, V; Tinsley, P; Watt, J; Sheppard-Law, S
2020-01-01Exploring children & young people's knowledge about inpatient falls to inform child-centred strategies.Sheppard-Law, S; Brogan, F; Cruickshank, M; Kornman, K
2019-12-03Who are our consumersSheppard-Law, S