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2023-12-10Wastewater-based epidemiology of Campylobacter spp.: A systematic review and meta-analysis of influent, effluent, and removal of wastewater treatment plants.Zhang, S; Shi, J; Li, X; Tiwari, A; Gao, S; Zhou, X; Sun, X; O'Brien, JW; Coin, L; Hai, F; Jiang, G
2022-10-01A Novel Algorithm Modelling for UWB Localization Accuracy in Remote SensingYu, Z; Chaczko, Z; Shi, J
2022-07-01Advances of atomically dispersed catalysts from single-atom to clusters in energy storage and conversion applicationsWang, Y; Cui, X; Zhang, J; Qiao, J; Huang, H; Shi, J; Wang, G
2022-06-15SARS-CoV-2 shedding sources in wastewater and implications for wastewater-based epidemiology.Li, X; Kulandaivelu, J; Guo, Y; Zhang, S; Shi, J; O'Brien, J; Arora, S; Kumar, M; Sherchan, SP; Honda, R; Jackson, G; Luby, SP; Jiang, G
2022-05-20The Uncertainty Propagation for Carbon Atomic Interactions in Graphene under Resonant Vibration Based on Stochastic Finite Element Model.Shi, J; Chu, L; Ma, C; Braun, R
2022-05Cost Effectiveness of Pharmacological Management for Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review.Shi, J; Fan, K; Yan, L; Fan, Z; Li, F; Wang, G; Liu, H; Liu, P; Yu, H; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2022-03-20Enhanced decay of coronaviruses in sewers with domestic wastewater.Shi, J; Li, X; Zhang, S; Sharma, E; Sivakumar, M; Sherchan, SP; Jiang, G
2022-02-01Analytical performance comparison of four SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR primer-probe sets for wastewater samples.Zhang, S; Li, X; Shi, J; Sivakumar, M; Luby, S; O'Brien, J; Jiang, G
2022Neural Sound Field Decomposition with Super-resolution of Sound DirectionKong, Q; Liu, S; Shi, J; Ye, X; Cao, Y; Zhu, Q; Xu, Y; Wang, Y
2021-11-01Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices - Principles and Current Exploration HighlightsJin, J; Sheng, G; Bi, Y; Song, Y; Liu, X; Chen, X; Li, Q; Deng, Z; Zhang, W; Zheng, J; Coombs, T; Shen, B; Zhu, J; Zhao, Y; Wang, J; Xiang, B; Tang, Y; Ren, L; Xu, Y; Shi, J; Islam, MR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2021-10-26Monte Carlo based stochastic finite element model for uncertainty quantification in flip chip BGA electronic packagingChu, L; Shi, J; Braun, R
2021-10-01Data-driven estimation of COVID-19 community prevalence through wastewater-based epidemiology.Li, X; Kulandaivelu, J; Zhang, S; Shi, J; Sivakumar, M; Mueller, J; Luby, S; Ahmed, W; Coin, L; Jiang, G
2021-07-01Uncertainties in estimating SARS-CoV-2 prevalence by wastewater-based epidemiology.Li, X; Zhang, S; Shi, J; Luby, SP; Jiang, G
2021-05-01Sensitivity Analysis for Geometrical Parameters of BGA in Flip-Chip Packaging under Random Shear Stress and Thermal TemperatureChu, L; Zhou, P; Shi, J; Braun, R
2021-03-01The modeling and numerical solution for flapping wing hovering wingbeat dynamicsKe, X; Zhang, W; Shi, J; Chen, W
2021-01-01The impacts of material uncertainty in electro-migration of SAC solder electronic packaging by Monte Carlo based stochastic finite element modelChu, L; Shi, J; Braun, R
2020-12-30Rotation invariant angle-density based features for an ice image classification systemYue, S; Yuan, M; Lu, T; Shivakumara, P; Blumenstein, M; Shi, J; Kumar, GH
2020-11-01Accelerating Skycube Computation with Partial and Parallel Processing for Service SelectionDong, F; Luo, J; Jin, J; Shi, J; Yang, Y; Shen, J
2020Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects Using Two Dimensional Beamforming Based on Crossed ArrayShi, J; Brown, R; Yu, Z; Chu, L; Shi, Q; Xu, Z; Rudas, IJ; Szakál, A
2019-11-29Low-Cost Wireless Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems Accelerometers Linear Sensor ModelChaczko, Z; Yu, Z; Shi, J; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J